LeapPad a Kids Tablet that Teaches Basic Skills

What is a LeapPad tablet? It is a toy, and it is a learning center designed for kids age four and up. Parents know that LeapFrog is a leader in making fun and educational toys that keep kids engaged while having fun. Kids are constantly learning, and when they play with toys that have educational benefits it helps in their development.

Toys combined with technology are quickly becoming new-age learning devices, which is good because it makes learning a fun experience for kids. When children feel pressured to learn new things it discourages them, and this may cause stress. The Leappad is the kids tablet that lets kids learn while playing and having fun. When children learn in natural way they are more likely to embrace the learning process as they grow.

Children that are too young to use advanced tablets can have their own durable, kid-friendly tablet that turns games into to virtual classrooms.

LeapPad Teaches Reading Skills LeapFrog LeapPad Learning TabletCredit: Amazon

Learning to read is something that many children struggle with, with the LeapPad they can read the Ultra eBooks and learn new words easily. When they don't know a word they can click it and hear it read back to them, and they can learn the definitions of words too. Kids learn at their own pace because the system adjust to each child's needs.



Improves Writing Skills and Encourages Creative Thinking

As kids practice tracing letters with the stylus pen they will improve writing skills. Have you been searching for ways to help your child unleash their inner creativity? The built-camera and video recorder will do just that because kids can take pictures and record video to use in the Art Studio, and the Story Studio will allow kids to make their own personal story books. Kids will learn math, science, social studies and so much more because there are over 100 games and apps for you to choose from. It comes with four apps, but buy more to challenge your child and keep him engaged.

These are some of the basic features, but there are many more for you to explore. You will see why this is one of the best toys when it comes to combinding learning with playtime.

Why should you choose the LeapPad for kids age four and up? Most kids want mom or dads tablet because it's cool, and kids like gadgets. If you are a parent, I'm sure you will agree that kids are curious and they want to explore and play with your tablet or computer. With the kid-friendly learning table you can keep those little fingers off your iPad, and you will enjoy an added benefit because LeapFrog's LeapPad is an educational and fun learning tablet.