How The Internet Has Changed

Since the commercialization of the Internet in the 1990’s the population of the world that uses the Internet has evolved their expectations.  For example, I remember when I was first introduced to the Internet, it was a good thing if we were able to get on the web after about 10-20 minutes of trying to dial in.  Today I get frustrated if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load.  

The web has changed the way we get information. We have gone from owning the encyclopedia in a collection of books in our home, to searching for the desired information through online search engines like Google in a matter of seconds. Information is constantly updated all over world at all times.

Speed Improvements Offer New Solutions

The increased speed and easy access to the worlds information has made the Internet and it’s platforms the perfect place for a new way of learning. 

This new approach to learning is often called eLearning.  We all rely on these eLearning solutions even though we may not realize it, and I would like to discuss two ways web users use these eLearning solutions.

eLearning is International

The Ways We Use eLearning

We use eLearning solutions to educate ourselves. I use to call a repair man for everything that went wrong in my house. I also used to have to take my car into the mechanic for every little thing that went wrong. I can now find a YouTube Video, or a site to watch a computer based training video teaching me how to fix almost anything in my home.

The second way we use eLearning solutions is to connect ourselves to the rest of the world. The crazier the video we make, the more response it gets from viewers. I have a cousin who knows this well.  He used a fire suit to lite himself on fire for YouTube viewers to see. He moved to another state to continue his education. In his new town, he found many people who viewed the video and knew who he was.  People are getting famous around the world by the eLearning solutions they are creating on the web.

Today’s users are demanding eLearning solutions on websites, and website creators are changing their sites to meet these demands.  ELearning solutions have changed the world, and the way we live our lives.