Knitting Basics

Garter Stitch

Learning to knit can be a very relaxing and rewarding craft to do. You can create lots of projects from scarves,hats,gloves,afghans,socks,and clothing.  And all this can be accomplished using the basic stitches.  No need to use complicated stitches. The basic knit and purl stitch are all you need to learn. At least to start with. After you learn to do the basic knit stitch,you will want to try the purl stitch. And then try other styles. 

It's best to use a size 10 knitting needle to begin with. It's easier to see the stitches and your project will be finished sooner. Starting out with something simple like a scarf will keep you interested. And the project goes by quick. That way you can start on a another one.

To start with you will need knitting needles and yarn. Find an easy pattern to begin with. We will start with a knit stitch. The knit stitch is simple. It is one stitch and that's all you have to worry about. First you will have to cast on stitches. 

Casting on- make a slip knot around your left needle,hold yarn loosely around fingers(finding your own comfortable position).Wrap yarn around needle and pull through until you have the amount of stitches desired for your project.Then to start your first row. Take your right needle and slide it through the stitch on left needle,wrap yarn over and pull through yarn on left needle. You have made your first row. 

You will continue in the same way until you have the size needed for your project. This is called a garter stitch where you just knit on both sides. Example:cast on 25 stitches.Turn and knit across the 25 stitches to the end. Turn and work the following rows the same way until you have desired length.Now casting off. That's a little bit different, because no you want to take the stitches off of the needle.

Casting off-On your last row you will knit the first and second stitch, then slide the first stitch over the 2nd stitch.Knit the next stitch and slide over the previous stitch. continue on in this way until all stitches are off needle,except the last one. With the last stitch,cut your yarn a good size length and then pull it through the last stitch. Now to finish the project.Weaving in the ends of the beginning and end of project.

Weaving in ends-Thread the yarn through a needle and weave the ends back and forth through the back of your work.Going up and down in direction will give your project better hold in washings and such. Once all ends are weaved in clip them close to work. And now you're finished.Admire your wonderful work.You did great. Keep this up and once comfortable,try some other stitches.

There really is only 2 basic stitches of knitting and that is knitting and purling. Every stitch you ever do will consist of these 2 stitches. And once you learn these 2 stitches you can create anything you want. There are so many sites and videos to help get you started if you need them.