Everyone's had one once. Maybe more if you're the unlucky type. You work with a demanding boss. Sure, you enjoy the job, its responsibilities, coworkers who are always willing to commiserate with you about the crazy customer or hounding vendor. And then, the boss walks in. The list of demands, problems and corrective issues needing to take place seems to go on forever. Quitting is not an option since you have bills to pay. The only option is learning how to work with your demanding boss in order to make the situation equitable for everyone within earshot of the boss.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Learn your boss' mannerisms. Watch your boss to find out when she is going to hand out a list of work. This helps you know when something's coming and when to avoid bringing up new issues with the boss.

Step 2

Keep conversations short and on target. High strung bosses typically do not like long winded explanations. As the saying goes, "Keep it simple, Stupid!" (KISS).

Step 3

Avoid taking things personally. Although easier said than done, you must not allow the boss to get under your skin. He is probably under time constraints himself and would word things differently if under less stress.

Step 4

Give solutions, not problems. Demanding bosses are firefighters. They go around putting out fires in the workplace. Rather than starting another fire, provide a solution to diffuse a situation before it gets out of control.

Step 5

Set a timeline and stick to it. As new situations or demands come up, create an organized system to handle the demands. Projects or tasks must reach resolution quickly before the boss comes looking for you.

Step 6

Use kindness when dealing with your boss. Sure, it's tough to stay positive when working for a demanding boss. Take a moment to go outside and scream to get out the frustration. Then come back in, smile politely and say "Sure thing, boss."

It can take some time learning how to work with a demanding boss. Trial and error may be necessary when coming up with new approaches or solutions for this situation. Just be sure to not be too radical when trying new methods for handling tough situations.

Tips & Warnings

Always try to be personable when working with your boss. In low stress moments, make small talk and appear interested in their job.

Giving smug responses to a demanding boss will not get you very far in the company. A demanding boss may even make it a point to treat you tougher if you seem flippant with his request.