Can I Really Lease A New Car With Bad Credit and NO Downpayment?

Yes, it is possible to lease a new car with bad credit and no down-payment. Life without a car in America is very difficult. However, buying a new car is a huge hassle for people with bad credit. Although, there are few bankers who are ready to offer bad credit Car loans but the interest rate will be very high. A huge down payment will be required for bad credit car loans. The best solution in this situation will be leasing a car. Leasing a car is not the same as renting a car. You can use the vehicle for a fixed amount of time when leasing. At the end of the lease period, you will be able to own the car at a subsidized price. There are many benefits to leasing a car rather than buying a new one. You can frequently change the car according to your interest once the lease period is over.  You can avoid sales tax which you incur when buying a new car and you do not need to undergo the headache of selling your used vehicle when you have out grown it. Car leases are appropriate options for those who are business owners who use cars as a primary part of their daily business practices.

Why Lenders Lease A Car To People With Bad Credit-And With No Down-payment?

Asking "Why would a lender lease a car to me if I have bad credit and with no down-payment," is a very reasonable question. Yes, lending money to bad credit people involves more risk.  So why do lenders still lend money to People with Bad Credit? Simply speaking, they are in business to make money.  Their business model depends on lending to people with bad credit, so the leases and loans they offer have built in  hedges to guard against loss.

Most Bankers and traditional lenders follow a system where they lend or offer loan only for people with good credit score. Because the amount of people with bad credit is steadily on the rise, thanks to the state of today's economy, there are many lenders willing to focus their business on bad credit people by offering bad credit loan and other financial services even though they pose a higher risk. These creditors or lenders not only see your credit score, they also see your employment and other assets that you hold. They also take into account whatever situation that caused your current bad credit situation. They consider all these factors and many lenders go through the loan applications on case-by-case basis to offer loans. Some of the lease options for people with bad credit may include having a co-signer with good credit and assets, while there are many that do not require a co-signer at all.

Ways You Can Pay Off Your Lease Option Faster If You Choose To Keep The Car

Low FICO [(Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score model] is the reason why you fall in the bad credit category-well, at least the reason why creditors KNOW that you have had a challenged credit history. A single late payment or a check bounce may contribute a negative score. The other factors such as missing on paying tax, credit card bills, and defaulting on any type of loans at all also contribute. Now, your primary objective is to improve your credit score and make it at least fair to good. To do that, you need to repay all your existing loans and lease amount regularly without any delay.

There are many bankers who provide consolidation loans for bad credit people. It will be easy to manage a single loan instead of too many small loans. Hence finish paying off your small loan and make it a single one.

  • Money is important in everyone's life. Increase your family income by getting a part-time job. If your spouse is not employed, you can ask her or him to work for few hours a day at home or somewhere within the community. There are many work options online, so you can work comfortably from your home and earn good money to help pay off your bills faster.
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  • Budget living is also another option to save money. Plan a monthly budget for your family and avoid unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. Please save your money even it is little. This will surely help to pay off the lease amount.
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  • Finally, instead of late payments or missing payments on any bills or loans, the best way is to talk to the provider directly and check if there is any other option available. 

Companies That Lease a New Car With Bad Credit and No-Down Payment

To find the companies that lease a new car to people with bad credit and with no down-payment is a complicated task. Here are a few companies you can start with  in your research that lease a new car with bad credit with no down-payment:

Ford Credit

Ford Credit provides flexible lease term and lower payment car leasing options. They have an online credit-test run page, where you can find the best car or dealers that suits your financial situation. Please use the link given below to do a credit-test run. They also have an optional product ‘Wearcare’ that can waive up to $4,000 of lease and excess wear and use charges.

Wheels to Lease

‘Wheels to Lease’ is a professionally managed automotive leader in car deals. You can lease different models of cars such as Acura, Cadillac, Ford Commercial, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Pontiac, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, GMC, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercury, Porsche, Volvo, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, Jeep, Mini, Subaru, Dodge, Hummer, Mitsubishi, Saab, Hyundai, Saturn, Buick, Ford, Infiniti, Land Rover, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles. They help you to find the best automotive solution that suits your financial needs.

Leasing Direct

Leasing Direct offers a wide range of latest vehicles from the top manufactures of Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota etc at an affordable range. They also provide leasing at a competitive price. You can contact their customer service to get a quote or submit an application online.

Xclusive Leasing

Xclusive Leasing have latest and top model cars for leasing. You can fill their online application form to get a free quote for car leasing. Almost all the cars are leased with zero down-payment.  If you are planning on leasing your first car, their customer support representatives are very friendly and can make your experience smooth sailing. They will guide you on different car options and deals. It is easy to do business with them as they have different makes and models for new cars and lease them at an affordable price with no down-payment.


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