For many of you out there who are trying to lease an apartment home with an eviction or broken lease on your credit, you may find it more difficult than you might imagine. Almost all class "A" and "B" apartment communities will not accept anyone with one of these former items on their credit report. And if you want a nice apartment complex with many upgrades like granite counters and stainless steel appliances, you will be out of luck. But there are a few options you have that will allow you to get what you want.

Pay off Your Broken Lease

Contact the apartment management company and see what amount you owe. Its best if you can just pay off the balance. Many renters simply don't know that this is all that is required. Once the remainder is paid off, the credit companies should be notified. Your next step should be to get a letter from the community stating that you have paid off the balance. This should be enough for your approval at your next community.

If you cannot pay off the balance in one payment, you can try and set up payment plans with the property. This many be enough to get your approval at the next community while you pay off a previous balance.

Lease From a Private Landlord or Owner

Private owners don't necessarily run your credit report. They may very well lease to you without checking out your rental history. You can find many private owners on Craigslist or other private websites that list rentals.

If they do happen to check your rental history and discover a broken lease or eviction, they may require an additional deposit. Many times you can please your case to a landlord or owner who is sympathetic to your situation.

Lease an Apartment Community that Accepts Tenants with Broken Leases

Although you might not receive the latest amenities and features, these apartment communities will accept you. However, don't expect anything too nice. These apartment complexes are older and are usually just simple apartment units.