Nowadays, women aren't the only ones caught up with finding cool fashion accessories. Men are also getting into accessorizing. One of the manliest accessories to be found is the leather biker wallet. Wallets, usually bi-fold or tri-fold, have been around for ages, but classically, men rarely cared what type of wallet they had so long as it held their cash and credit cards. Because wallets are usually left hidden in back pockets, there was no special reason to buy a nice-looking wallet. Today however, the wallet is more than just a cash and credit card holding device, it's a fashion statement as well. A nylon zipper wallet may keep your change safe, but you won't be impressing anybody with it. Now, a custom-designed leather biker wallet? That will demand attention.

Bi-fold or tri-fold wallets are the standard wallets for most men and are the variety most readily available in shops. However, the emergence of leather biker wallets adds a new edge to the 'so ordinary' use of these classic designs. You may be thinking that these types of wallets are exclusively just for bikers - that leather biker wallets are just for shiny, jacket-clad people on roaring, big bikes. However, owning a leather biker wallet does not mean you need to have your own motorcycle or be a biker. Leather biker wallets can be stylish, masculine, and edgy without the big bike. Leather biker wallets are for everyone, not only those who are bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts.

Leather Biker Wallets - A Bold Fashion Accessory

Many individuals are drawn to purchase and use leather biker wallets because of the design, quality, and character. The masculine aura of these wallets is perfect for any manly-man. The masculine look which it showcases is brought about by the high-grade and durable leather it is made from, and the associated tough-guy lifestyle it implies. Most leather biker wallets are made from cowhide. Traditionally, these wallets come in black or brown in various shades. But it is possible to find them in different colors and shapes according to your own preference. These wallets can be custom-made to have unique styles and designs. You can customize your leather biker wallet to have engravings, themes or logos; There are many manufacturers of leather biker wallets with shops wherein you can order and purchase wallets made with your own specifications and preferences.

Leather biker wallets are made to fit the back pockets of men's jeans. Usually, they are bigger than ordinary bi-fold and tri-fold wallets. Some leather biker wallets have a zipper compartment for your coins. It may also come with a snap closure or fastener on its front, which is exceptionally different from classic bi-fold or tri-fold folding closure.

Because they are made of leather, they can endure harsh elements and can still maintain their quality through many years of use. They are highly resistant to wear, especially scratches and punctures - perfect for the biker lifestyle, or any individual who wants a wallet that will stand the tests of time. As the years go by, they become more rustic and beautiful. If you're a biker, your leather wallet may very well outlast your bike and serve as a bit of memorabilia of the glory days down the road. If any wallet has the chance of lasing long enough to become an antique, it's a leather biker wallet.

Safety and Style

Having invaded the mainstream, leather biker wallets are known for their characteristic style, uniqueness, quality, and convenience. The most distinctive aspect of these wallets is that they usually come with a chain. Originally intended to keep the wallet secure while on a motorcycle, the chain includes a looped leather end or a metal clasp that can be suitably attached to any belt loop. Leather biker wallets have small eyelets where you can attach the chain. This serves as a security feature to protect you and your wallet from any theft or loss.

Buying a Leather Biker Wallet

Leather biker wallet prices greatly depend on the type of leather used and the designs that are engraved on the leather. Whether you get custom designs or engravings has an obvious effect on the price as well. Prices in stores often range from $30- $150. Leather biker wallets are also sold online, and you can find great deals with a simple Google search. E-Bay can be a useful place to find yourself a leather biker wallet that suits your taste, and you can find some original designs unavailable anywhere else. There are plenty of other online stores to browse through as well, such as NexTag, where you can find everything from the very low end to the upper echelon of biker wallets. Shopping online is a great way to compare and contrast a variety of wallets quickly and easily from the comfort of your home. Comparison shopping has never been so easy. It's easy to find the right style within your price range, and you can explore customization services too, if that's something that appeals to you.

A leather biker wallet is well worth your money. You will be pleased with its convenience, style, and durability. The high-quality leather that these wallets are made of will last for many years. You can have a wide selection of colors, styles, and designs. Your options are as limitless as your imagination. There will be a leather biker wallet that will suit your own personal style and attitude. Its security features, snap closure and chain, can prevent loss or theft. You will never have to be worried about your wallet being stolen again. You can end your constant checking of your back pocket to know if your wallet is still there as you will certainly notice if your leather biker wallet is taken from your pocket. It's really impossible to go wrong.

You can even give leather biker wallets as presents for your friends. Gift choosing can difficult, but everybody uses a wallet, so you can't go wrong with one as a present for a trendy male friend.