Is your dog needing a better place to sleep? Maybe a bed that matches the rest of the home décor? Leather dog beds are the best way to provide comfort, warmth, and beautiful design to your dog’s sleeping area. This article will go over a few of these stunning designs. This review will help you to decide which of these 3 leather dog beds is best for your pup. For any of these designs, you can visit Amazon with this link.

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Wouf Poof’s Large Oval Genuine Leather Dog Beds

This black dog bed will be as comfortable as a pillow to your pet. What a great way to say that you love him. The design and pattern-work is just exquisite as well. The company says of this product, “Finally, a Wouf Poof for your larger best friend. Classic Bolster design in top grain upholstery grade steer hide with hypo allergenic polyester memory fill inside. Contrast saddle stitching makes your dog's furniture blend nicely with your own. Veterinary endorsed for the ultimate in pet comfort and hygiene. Leather will not attract pet hair or pet odors. To clean, simply wipe with damp cloth.”

If you’re more interested in a fun design that is both modern and simple then you’ll have to check out this next leather dog bed.

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Wouf Poof’s Black and White Leather Bone Dog Beds

“Your dog must certainly enjoy lying on your couch or your bed. This is completely normal; he recognizes your scent and feels totally secure there. The Bone Dog Bed was designed to provide your pet with a small place of his own where he will feel safe and confident. The Wouf Pouf Bone Dog Bed is a quality dog gift. A luxury dog bed made just for him! What’s more, your dog will no longer take up half your bed at night! The Bone is made of top-quality leather, a durable and very resistant material. Even with large claws your pooch won't damage it. And maintenance is easy: simply clean with a moist cloth. The Bone will fast become a favorite hangout for your four-legged friend! Ideal for small dogs about 5 to 15 lbs.”

Currently there is only one left in stock, so hurry over and get the last one before it’s gone. If you want quality, luxury, and something fun for you dog, then this leather dog bed is it! If you want something a little larger and much less expensive, then you may want to take a peek at this next bed.

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Classic Dreamerz Boutique Dog Bed

This leather dog bed is not leather. But it looks and feels like leather to any dog. The bed is also licensed by the American Kennel Club and is scratch-resistant for those larger-clawed pets. Here’s what the company has to say about it.

“Let your dog relax in the luxurious comfort of the Brainstorm Pets AKC Classic Dreamerz Boutique Pet Bed. Licensed by the American Kennel Club, the Classic Dreamerz bed is made from stylish, scratch-resistant Pleather material that has the comfortable look and feel of real leather. Perfectly sized for most medium breed dogs, the bed contains an 8-inch comfort border that ensures the pet’s confidence. Measures 35 x 25 x 9 inches.”

And if you want to see what some customers of this product are saying, keep reading below. You’ll find three reviews from current clients of the Classic Dreamerz Pleather Dog Bed.

“I have 3 dogs. I have 2 Chihuahuas a male and female and 1 pitbull who is a male. This bed was for the pitbull, and it was love at first sight. As I was unpacking the bed he was super excited, when I placed it in the floor it was like a match made in heaven.... he did become very over protecting of his personal space (which he normally does not do) for the first time I actually seen him push the Chihuahuas off his bed and not be intimidated by them....(going off track) Any way so I had no problem with the 3 dogs they all seem to love this new bed, the only problem is the marking of the TERRITORY'S!!!!!
As a previous customer mentioned its great, but not easy to clean at all. The bed is constructed altogether and there is no way to unzip and wash. I did think of taking it to a laundry mat and washing it (because of the size), but unfortunately the Pitt got fed up with the odor (although I did spot clean it) and tore it up :(
SO now I am reordering one, keeping it in the living room only. Getting a easy to clean bed for the dogs room.”
– Loomis13

“I really, really, really wanted my dog to love this bed, but he doesn't. By all accounts and measures, he should, and I bet he would if I bought a large, rather than a medium (he's a golden retriever and so it was a mistake to buy a medium). But I have it now and I don't want to loose money returning it for a large-- so we keep trying to make him like it because it's so damn good looking. It goes well in a modern house and it doesn't take up a huge amount of space. It's got a nice plush pad for the bottom and cushy sides. If I could do it all over again, I'd buy the large. For now, he'll have to kind of like it because we're not shipping this oversized package back.” – BDR

This dog bed comes in a couple of sizes for those who have larger dogs. The best way to find these leather dog beds for the best price is to jump over to Amazon and check ‘em out. And we wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect leather dog bed for your pet. He/She deserves to sleep comfortably. In case you are interested in other types of dog beds, here’s a list of other reviews that may be helpful: