Tips For Your Leather Jacket

If you are looking for leather jacket cleaning tips, you have come to the right place. Leather jackets can be made of many different types of leather. No matter which type it is, they all need to be taken care of. Cleaning leather jackets can be easy as long as you follow these simple tips.

What Are Leather Jackets Made Of

Leather jackets are made from animal skins. They can be pig’s skin, sheep’s skin, cowhide, crocodile skin, etc. Because the skin of these animals are tough and naturally collect and hold heat, leather jackets are ideal for keeping anyone warm. Not only does the leather jacket keep you warm, but it also is has ads an heir of distinction.

Cleaning Tips

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  1. Pre Wash – Before you take any sort of cleaner to your leather jacket, it is important to try to get off any loose dirt or dust that is on the jacket. Click here if you want to try an alternate leather cleaner. All you have to do is take a towel or rag and run it over the leather carefully to remove any sediment that is not stained on the leather. This will make the process of cleaning the stains in the leather more affective and keep you from staining the leather with dirt that was not stained on the leather to begin with.
  2. Light Wash – After you have wiped the leather off, you can take a light soap like toddler shampoo and use that to clean the jacket. When cleaning, do not get the rag or small towel to wet with too much water or shampoo because that can ruin the leather by drying it out. Click here I know that seems like an opposite, but leather has natural oils that keep the leather moist and shiny. If you clean those oils off the leather, it will become dry and crack. You will lose the luster of the jacket.
  3. Saddle Soap – Saddle soap and water can be useful for getting out the more intense stains. But before you do, make sure you take the soap and water and apply it to a non-visible part of the jacket. You do this to see if the jacket will take the soap and water and dry appropriately. Since all leather jackets are different because of the oils in the material, you never know how you jacket will react. By applying the solution to a non-visible part of the jacket, you will be able to see what happens before you add the solution to rest of the jacket and possibly ruin it.
  4. Hair Spray – Hair spray is a big no. One of the biggest issue with leather jackets is hair spray. Hair spray can cause the oil to stick together and evaporate. Once the oil is gone, the problems begin. If you are going to use hair care products, make sure that you use them before you put on your jacket and not afterwards. Once the hair spray gets on your jacket, you need to wipe it off immediately with a lightly damp cloth. If you want to restore your leather click here. Hopefully the damage will not be great but just avoid the danger all together and don’t spray your hairspray when you have your jacket on. Click here for more information about cleaning your car windows.
  5. Mink Oil/Silicon Spray – If you are interested in water proofing your jacket, you can use mink oil or silicon spray to do the job. But as stated earlier, make sure you use the oil or spray in a place that no one will see so you can decide what effect it is going to have on your jacket. These oils and sprays tend to darken the leather, so make sure that you decide how dark you are willing to go with your leather jacket and how important it is to you. People who are outside a lot and consistently affected by the elements should consider this method. People who ride motorcycles come to mind. If you notice, most people who ride motorcycles where leather jackets that black. This is mainly because other leather jackets that are not black would not last long as another color because of the dirt and grime that comes from riding a bike. But if you do have a light colored jacket, just make sure you test it out first. If you would like to find out information on cleaning at home, click here.
  6. Dry Cleaners – You can always take your jacket or coat to the dry cleaners. They will do a professional job on cleaning your jacket because they have the proper industrial equipment with the right soaps and settings. However, don’t ever go into cleaners for the first time and give them your most prized procession. Just because they own their own business does not mean they know everything. If you have had your clothes dry-cleaned enough you know they make mistakes. 

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When storing you jacket, use a form-fitting hangar that will cause the jacket to lay exactly how you want it to. If you don’t, it will become creased at the wrong spots and you will walk around with strange looking spikes on your shoulders.

If you have wrinkles in your leather jacket, you can use a blow dryer or a light heat iron with a clothe between the iron and the jacket.

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Whatever you do, don’t let the iron or the drier touch the leather. It can have disastrous consequences.

I hope that these leather jacket cleaning tips help you keep your jacket nice and clean for a long time to come. Cheers!