One of the reasons that I love leather jewelry boxes so much is because they are ubiquitous. You can find a leather jewelry box that matches every need and one for every occasion. Leather is classic yet modern; it is chic and stylish in a subtle way that is not overly ornate or gaudy. It exudes sophistication, wealth and importance even though it is affordable to us all. Additionally, leather jewelry boxes have the ability to be unisex in nature by being neither feminine nor masculine. The same jewelry box that you give to a woman could also be gifted to a man as a valet box. Due to its sturdy and pliable nature leather can be used to make jewelry boxes of all types that will stand the test of time. These are some of the reasons that leather jewelry boxes are so popular and can be found and used in all situations where jewelry needs to be stored and protected. Let's discuss some of the ways leather jewelry boxes can be used.

Jewelry Boxes for Home:

The most popular type of leather jewelry boxes are women's jewelry boxes that are used in the home. Usually placed on a dresser, nightstand or makeup table these boxes are used for primary jewelry storage. Usually constructed of wood that is covered by decorative leather, these jewelry boxes can be found in all different shapes, sizes and styles along with a plethora of different colors and decorative patters.

Jewelry Boxes for the Gym:

When you go to the gym do you place your jewelry in your purse or gym bag? I see many ladies do this and it is a huge mistake since this is when your jewelry is most likely to get tangled, scratched and damaged. A good way to ensure that your jewelry does not get damaged in a situation such as this is purchase a leather jewelry roll which is a small leather pouch with compartments for a few jewelry items. These leather cases are cheap (usually less than $20) and fit nicely into any purse or gym bag. Jewelry rolls provide the perfect way to protect your jewelry while at the gym.

Jewelry Boxes for Small Trips:

Are you going away for the weekend or traveling for a couple of days for business? If you are then don't use vacation time or business as an excuse to stop caring for your jewelry. Purchase a small leather jewelry case that is the approximate size of a ladies wallet and you will be able to properly store your jewelry and ensure that it is not getting damaged. These walled sized cases will fit nicely into any purse, briefcase or baggage. They are inexpensive (less than $40) and are a worthwhile investment for any traveler going on short trips.

Jewelry Boxes for Extended Trips:

If you are planning on an extended trip and you need to bring a large amount of jewelry then consider purchasing a leather handbag jewelry case. These cases look exactly like a designer handbag with handles and a lock and allow you to carry your jewelry near your person at all times with class and style. They are nicely appointed with all the amenities you would expect in a jewelry box including a mirror, space for rings, necklaces and earrings as well as a proper lining to ensure that your jewelry is protected.

Valet Boxes:

Men need jewelry boxes just as much as women. After all they have jewelry that needs to be protected also such as rings, pins, money clips, cuff links, etc. So if you are looking for a valet box for the man in your life then look for a quality leather valet box. As I stated before, the beauty of leather jewelry boxes is that most leather boxes are unisex in nature and would double as the perfect gift for a man or a woman.

Watch Boxes:

Does the man in your life have a large watch collection that needs to be properly stored and protected? If so, then a leather watch box would be the perfect item to compliment his collection ensuring that his watches are properly maintained and cared for.

Whether you are looking for a jewelry box for a man or a woman, home or travel, there is a leather jewelry box that can meet your needs. Leather is not only desirable and beautiful but it has the ability to go anywhere while meeting any of your jewelry box needs.