Leather Luggage Sets

Finding luggage sets of high quality is a must for every traveler. That is why one should consider using leather luggage sets. Leather luggage sets are the best choice if you want to travel in style. Not only are they durable but they are also versatile. Leather luggage sets are made up of flexible material created by tanning putrescible animal rawhide and skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

Leather luggage sets, like any other authentic leather products, usually come with a hefty price. This is one reason why most people shy away from this type of product. There is a risk during travel of your luggage being lost when it is carried by the airport's various modes of transport. That's why most passengers prefer a carry on leather luggage set. Most people would also say that leather luggage is heavier compared to other types of luggage. But with these disadvantages comes advantages. Aside from looking luxurious, when you buy this type of product you are committing yourself to quality. Leather goes a long way with time. It takes years before it can be badly damaged. But this doesn't mean that you don't have to take care of it. Owners should not treat leather to strong chemicals when cleaning its surface. It is not also advised to keep them under the sun for a prolonged period of time, since this will cause leather surfaces to dry and fade.

Real from fake, how to tell the difference

You will be investing much in buying leather luggage sets, so don't be fooled by leather imitators who pass their products as genuine leather. Some producers will also inform you if the product you are purchasing is made out of "pleather" or plastic leader, which is a synthetic material bonded with fabric and rubber, but others may not. Here are some tips to spot whether your leather luggage set is authentic or not: Study the edging where the leather of your luggage has been cut. Real Leather is rough around the edges, while fake leather will look and feel like plastic or foam. You should also try feeling the fabric. Different types of leather have different textures. But what you'll notice is that real leather has a generally inconsistent feel to it, not as smooth as the leather imitations. Also, look closely at the pores, fake leather will tend to have a more consistent pattern to its pores than that of real leather. Some people will advise you to smell your leather luggage sets, and see if the product has that "leather scent". Well, smell isn't all that accurate because modern technologies today are able to mimic the smell of real leather. You can also opt to use the fingernail test; this is when you dig your fingernail into the material. If it is real leather, it will leave a mark and will tend to fade very slowly.

Genuine leather luggage sets can be bought at department stores of branded stores and online shops. Prices will depend on the brand and size of the luggage be it a carry on or a duffle bag. A 5-6-piece leather luggage set can cost about 100 - 250 dollars.


After you decide that you do want a leather luggage set is to choose a particular type of leather. Different varieties of leather have varied characteristics that suit the different needs of users. The most expensive type of leather is Anline. This is because this is the most natural type of leather. This type can have a light surface coating, and is only colored with dye. Other types are also available like full-grained leather, the type of leather that has yet to be sanded and buffed. This type shows of its natural imperfections which add to its appeal and shows off its authenticity. There are also top-grained leather luggage sets, don't let the "top" in top grained fool you for incompleteness. In terms of quality, full grained are still considered more superior. This type has better resistance to stains and is less expensive. There is also deer skin which is generally expensive. It is prized for its softness and durability. It has what they would call a pebble-grained texture that has a spongy quality. The list may go on and on.

Another concern of leather luggage sets is their environmental impact. Vegans and animal right activists believe in the cruelty in wearing animal hides and are strongly against any commodity that uses animal parts as a material. If you are one of those people who believe in their stand, you can always opt for "pleather". These are made from synthetic materials bonded by fabric and rubber to pass of as real leather.