The man bag has really been a source of a lot of jokes. However, it does help you to keep things like water bottles, wallets, digital cameras, and even work folders in place. Here are a few ways that you can work this design style into your wardrobe without being made fun of.

One option for you is going to be the messenger bag. Traditionally this is going to have a flap over the top and a slightly longer strap. It's meant to be worn across the body. This is going to be the most masculine option because it's a great trend in backpacks as well. It can feature a canvas or even a faux leather fabric. This is also going to be one of your larger options and it can even double as a laptop case. This is one of the coolest and also one of the more understated design styles that you can really go with.

Another really important consideration is going to be to just go with a traditional briefcase. The one disadvantage to this is that you always have to keep your hand on it just because of the traditional carrying handle. This means that you may have a tendency to lose it and it's also going to be one of your more expensive options as well. This is important if you want to take your man bag because you may be afraid of being made fun of. You can find briefcases that really mimic satchels with rich leather tones. It's important to stay with masculine colors of leather such as brown or black. Even if you go with a more traditional style of briefcase shape you can still find a ton of stainless steel details to keep it looking masculine as well as trendy.

You want to really minimize a lot of patterns even if it's something that would initially feel very masculine such as a plaid or a check. Instead, just focus in on higher quality materials. This ensures that your man bag still looks masculine and no one accuses it of being a purse. Whether you go with a laptop tote, messenger bag, or just a plain briefcase you can still find ways to have everything that you need within reach. You'll also want to stick with oversized simple silhouettes. Look for rugged and durable fabrics in neutral colors.

man bag
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