So you think you might want to put a leather sofa in your living room. You may already know of the advantages that leather furniture confers- it can offer both the intangible qualities style as luxuriousness as well as the practical concerns of comfort and durability. Finding the right leather sofa should simply be a matter of picking out the model that looks the best, right? Actually, the answer is "probably not". You see, the name "leather" can actually be used for a large variety of different materials, some of which are the 100% natural cowhide that most people have in mind, and others that are blended with synthetics. Some leathers don't even come from cows, but rather from pigs and goats. The main thing to know is that quality cowhide is the best choice. It costs more, but no other leather offers the same feel and durability. Indeed, the other leathers are all used to cut costs. Because you "get what you pay for", as the saying goes, you're losing a lot of the positive characteristics of leather too if you go for these other options.
Blended leather makes use of PVC, vinyl, and other toxic materials to make the leather appear uniform and make it cheaper to produce. These products are toxic, however, and the resulting leather is not the same as genuine leather.
Pigskin and goatskin may be used to make leather sofas as they are cheaper. While they may be virtually indistinguishable from cowhide when viewed, they are far less tough and will wear out a lot sooner than good cowhide.
When you see a leather sofa for sale at a price that seems too low to be real cowhide, it probably isn't. This is something you have to verify for yourself, since the type of leather used on the sofa probably won't be indicated.
Of course, people usually don't get too into the leather selection and just go with a design that they like. In this case, any black leather sofa will do, if that's what the customer is looking for. The black, as well as the brown leather sofa remain the most popular colors for leather furniture although other colors are certainly available. Depending on the size and layout of your living room, you may prefer either a leather sofa & love seat combination or a leather corner sofa (also called a leather sectional sofa). Leather corner sofas have become increasingly popular as they form a nice "L" that surrounds one part of the living room, providing for am impressive, yet cozy atmosphere.