Other than the traditional and natural brown color, red, white and black leather sofas for sale are some of the most popular kinds of couches available. People buy this type of furniture because it provides a wealth of benefits. Even though they can be pretty expensive, the durability of this material allows for a long life and thus saves you plenty of money in the long run as long as you take care of them. Let's take a look at some of the more popular models of each color, and also go over some helpful advice on how you can buy cheap leather sofas for sale in case you're on a budget.

The Best Leather Sofas for Sale

No matter what color you're in need of--black, red, or white--there is bound to be a good enough couch to suit your desires. The "best" ones for you may not be listed below, but these will at least give you a general idea of what's available.

Black Leather Sofas for Sale

Black is one of the easiest colors to find in this material, and it's probably because it's among one of the most common colors for furniture besides brown. AtHomeMart's Harbor Drive 3-Seat Black Leather Sofas are a great option to consider as they're not only attractive, but also affordable. Amazon has them priced at about $800 which is insane considering the list price is $3100! These couches have dimensions of 88"L x 38 1/2"W x 36"H and are built on a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame. They feature sloping track arms and lower lumbar support for an added touch of comfort.

White Leather Sofas for Sale

White is a excellent choice of color if you're trying to achieve a modern/contemporary look, but if you have messy kids then white may not be the best decision. One of the best models to consider are the Le Corbusier Style White Leather Sofas from ModernLineFurniture. These have a simple, yet attractive modern appeal to them and they work great for the home as well as the office.

The polished chrome-plated steel frame provides a nice contrast to the white cushions and are highly durable, with very little maintenance needed to keep it in good condition. You can find these white leather sofas for sale on Amazon for about $700, and they can also be used as a sleeper just by simply pulling on the seat cushions.

Red Leather Sofas for Sale

If you're going to get a red loveseat, you definitely need to make sure you get a good one because chances are it's going to become the main center of attraction in your living room due to its vibrant tone. BobKona Soft-Touch Bonded Red Leather Sofas are some of the most popular models to look for, and for good reason. The cushions are comfortable and supportive, filled with poly fiber materials and pocket innerspring coils. The legs, frame, and armrests are all constructed from high-quality hardwood and they come with three checkered accent pillows to match the red design.

BobKona makes it easy to assemble these sophisticated loveseats with helpful YouTube videos. Plus, they pack in all the necessary tools, parts, hardware and accessories in a convenient fabric flap in the base frames. You can buy these red leather sofas for sale on Amazon for $950 for a 2-piece set, which is about $650 off the list price.

Italian Leather Sofas for Sale

An Italian style loveseat provides a simple, yet aesthetically appealing look that many people prefer over any other design. Coaster Furniture's Shasta Nailhead 3-Seat 100% Top Grain Italian Leather Sofas are one of the nicest models out there. They have an extra large curved front, deep seating, a soft pillow back and a stylish solid hardwood frame with an 8-way hand-tied base.

You can buy a matching chair and ottoman separately, but without them, you can buy these Italian leather sofas for sale at about $650 from Amazon. This is really cheap when you consider the list price which can be as much as $3000. In case you're wondering, the dimensions are 104-3/4"W x 48-1/2"D x 39"H.

Where to Buy Cheap Leather Sofas for Sale

We all know how expensive this material can be, so anytime you can find a great deal that saves you money, you should take full advantage. The best thing about top grain is that it can last for several years and allow you to save money in the long run. Here are some ways of getting quality, cheap leather sofas for sale:

Shop Online - If you didn't notice already, I listed the prices for the above models from Amazon, and it seems they have some of the best deals on pretty much any kind of furniture you need. You would have a hard time finding prices like that in stores like Morris Home Furnishings, IKEA, or Ashley Furniture. The only real downfall to shopping for cheap leather sofas online is that the shipping fees can be pretty high in some cases, since couches are so heavy. However, lots of sites have free shipping on some of their products, and other times you can arrange for an in-store location pickup.

Buy Used Leather Sofas for Sale - Buying second-hand furniture is a very effective way to save money, as long as you get a quality product. You can buy used couches in several places around town or you could look online on sites like eBay, craigslist, and yakaz.com. It would be a smart idea to shop around town first and see what kind of selection you have to choose from, because then you can at least see the used leather sofas for sale up close and inspect them before you buy them. Even if you can't find any good looking second-hand couches in your area, a slip cover can easily be applied to make even the ugliest furniture appealing.

Buy Faux Leather Sofas for Sale - If you can't afford the real thing, there's no shame in settling for the fake stuff. There are tons of really nice, attractive, comfortable, and affordable faux designs to choose from, so you won't have much trouble finding one that matches your decor. Home Reserve has a huge line of faux leather sofas for sale and they have just about every color imaginable, including black, white, and red. They're priced at about $300 to $400 on average and they are quite popular. You can buy them online from several reputable online furniture stores.

Compare Prices - This tip is pretty self-explanatory and simple, but it's a key step you need to remember and apply if you want to get the best deals on cheap leather sofas for sale. Most furniture stores have websites, which makes it all the more easy for you to shop and compare. You don't even have to leave your home anymore! Taking a few minutes to do this could save you hundreds.