Leather Wrap Bracelet

Finding the perfect leather wrap bracelet:

Leather accessories like a leather wrap bracelets have been popular for decades. When worn properly, leather is a timeless and classic look. Everything from jackets, pants, and shoes are made from leather due to its appearance of luxury and class. Consider that many of the most expensive shoes and handbags in the world are made with leather, and you begin to realize the type of affluence wearing leather suggests.

However, leather wrap bracelets are extremely versatile. Black leather clothing and accessories have become almost synonymous with rock and roll superstars, motorcycle riders, and even cowboys in the old west. We can conclude then, that leather wrap around bracelets can be completely personalized to your style. If worn because it fits your style, leather transcends male or female, affluence or punk rocker, class or anarchy.

Personalized bracelets:

One of the benefits of leather wrap bracelets is the fact that you can personalize them to be whatever you desire. A leather wrap bracelet could be a leather cord wrapped around your wrist 10-12 times, or it could be one wide strip with a single button clasp. Wrap around bracelets can be loose and braided, or tight and tied to give the appearance it is almost a part of your skin.

The number of ways you can personalize a leather wrap bracelet is nearly infinite when you begin to include beads, crystals, stitching and patches. You might like to personalize your bracelet by weaving in your favorite stone, for example, you could add a little southwest flare to your wardrobe by including a few turquoise and red stones embedded into your leather bracelet.

Mens Leather BraceletMen's leather bracelets:

Leather bracelets are not limited to just women. Men's leather bracelets have been popular for years, especially with surfing or outdoors types of guys. Men's leather bracelets tend to be less complex than women's leather bracelets and are usually made of a few leather cord wrap arounds, or 2-3 different shades of thick material. Generally men's bracelets are more relaxed and less formal. However by simply adding a silver, or other metal clasp to the bracelet, it is instantly transformed into a piece of classy jewelry that can be worn out regularly.

Whether you are looking for a laid back way to accessorize, or if you are looking for something classy and luxurious that matches your personality, leather wrap bracelets can be anything you would like. If you can't find a style that suits you, don't be afraid to make your own leather bracelet with materials you can get from any crafts store.