Leather biker wallets are a tough and durable variety of leather wallet. Whether they admit or not, the wallet is one accessory which almost every man cannot do without. Wherever they go, their valuables, cozily kept in their wallets, loyally walk or ride along with them. There are different styles of wallets, usually made of leather, suitable on the requirements and professions of the men. Leather biker wallets or chain wallets, also called trucker wallets, are part of a style which was developed for bike riders and truckers. They are constantly traveling away from home and coming across different scenarios. Leather biker wallets are preferred because of their durability and safety that they bring to the users.

So what makes a wallet a biker wallet? Well, biker wallets are mostly made from genuine leather of high and durable quality, they are highly resistant to damage from the stains, rips and wear marks. They often have a button flap and, most importantly, a stylish chain which connects the precious wallet to the belt. Everything else, like color, shape or size is a matter of personal taste and choice.

Leather Biker wallets are typically sized to fit inside the back pocket of a man's jeans or trousers, so most of them have the similar length of the normal wallets; but one can also find a wide variety of long wallets with chain. Leather biker wallets are usually sold in the traditional black or brown color. Today, they can be bought in a multitude of colors and styles; some are even sold in suede materials. The biker chain wallet may also come with different engravings on the front flap section. You can choose from a decorative engraved piece or one portraying an image. Actually, there are several options you can consider when purchasing a biker wallet. You can even have one that is custom made to fit a specific design style, theme, or logo.

Another distinction in types of leather biker wallets is the type of chain that is used. Most of these wallets come with a generic, small chain, approximately 9 to 18 inches long. But since it is detachable, it can be replaced with the required size. Chains used in biker type wallets are also made of different materials. Some of the most common material includes brass and nickel. However, designer wallets often have chains and key holders that are made of more expensive and durable materials such as gold, platinum and sterling silver.

Bi-fold or tri-fold wallets are the standard wallets for most men and are the variety generally available in shops. However, the leather biker wallets add a new edge to the ordinary use of these classic designs. These types of wallets are not just exclusively for people wearing leather jacket and boots, riding bikes or for motorcycle enthusiasts. Leather biker wallets can be stylish, masculine, and edgy even without the big bike. They are popular because, aside from being stylish, they are also very convenient to carry around and most come with chains that help secure the wallet to your clothing, defying pickpockets and thieves.

There are several options where you can buy leather biker wallets, ranging from conventional retail stores to various online retailers. You may want to choose a retailer which not only has a wide selection of fair priced items, but that is also trustworthy. You may also want to choose the right biker wallet to suit your particular tastes. Whatever your preference, mood and style, you can find a matching leather biker wallet almost anywhere. Many are reasonably priced, so you can get one regardless of how much you are willing to spend. If you are an eager shopper, you can even find biker chain wallets in thrift shops and antique stores for a bargain.