Skeletool CX Multi-Tool


  • Great multi-purpose tool

  • Handy and compact

  • Durable

  • Readily available - online, DIY, Outdoor and Hardware stores


  • Can be pricey

  • Different styles - so check before you buy

  • That's it. No more.

Full Review

Leatherman Tools are renowned for their durability and flexibility. Based upon the Swiss army knife style of penknives, they've grown in popularity in recent years. And - although pricey - they continue to retain their hold on the outdoor multi-tool sector.

The Leatherman Tool story began back in the in the 1970's, when a man called Tim Leatherman practically wore out his old scout knife whilst travelling through and around Europe. On his return he set to employing his engineering skills into designing something that would not only become a useful multi-tool but would also handle a lot of wear and tear. In the mid 1980's, Leatherman ® was created.

There are currently eleven different versions of the Leatherman multi-tool:

  • Skeletool

  • Skeletool CX

  • Wave

  • Charge

  • Squirt

  • Core

  • Kick

  • Surge

  • Micra

  • Blast

  • Fuse

Some of the above have variations, so you'll find more than one version of the Skeletool for e.g. But the difference tends to relate to the medium that they're made from, as opposed to any significant difference in the tools.

Leatherman tools are not aimed at any one group in particular. You'll find them in the hands (or pockets) of engineers, labourers, campers, mountaineers, DIY and hobby enthusiasts. Even my pocket for that matter. I've been a proud owner of the Leatherman Squirt for several years. Three members of my family also own them - though one is a little greedy and now has two.

Ultimately, the Leathermans' popularity stems from their durability and usability. Simple as that. And - until you've owned one, you won't know just how useful they can be. Some are aimed more at outdoor and leisure pursuits, others more at engineers and the like. From what I can tell anyway. For example the Skeletool CX has, among other things, a carabiner clip - not really any use for scaling the sides of your garage walls.

Not that you're supposed to use the Skeletool to scale anything - but you get the idea. To be honest, the whole range of multi-tools just about cover all bases. You'll find:

  • Philips and flat head screw drivers

  • Pen-knives

  • Pliers

  • Scissors

  • Bottle openers

  • Mini-saws

  • Files

  • Rulers

Pretty useful then.

In Closing

And so why buy one of the range? Easy answer - because they're useful. Having said that, if you're considering buying a Leatherman, do look at the whole range first. There's no point buying something that's tool based if you're intending to roam/trek the countryside. And Leathermans aren't 'one size fits all'. They really are developed individually and with specific purposes in mind.

Price wise, they're not the cheapest of multi-tools on the market - but they're probably the best. Prices start at around $30 for the smaller Leathermans and can be in excess of $100 for the full sixe multi-tools. But - consider them an investment. Once you've bought one - you'll probably have longer than the wife. Probably.