I don't know one person who works with tools who hasn't at least owned a leatherman tool at one time. These handy, multi plier tools are the most versatile things around.

The concept behind Leatherman tools was actually developed back in the 1970's when mechanical engineer Tim Leatherman was traveling across Eurpoe in an old Fiat. Leatherman had only his boy scout knife and had to perform many repairs. Upon arriving back in the United States, Leatherman got to work on a design for a practical multiplier set. After a long process, Leatherman finally began selling some in 1983. Then, the idea caught on and the Leatherman company turned into what it is now.

What makes Leatherman tools so handy is the fact that they fold back into themselves and then they can be stored in a sheath that goes right on your belt. You have all of the essential tools right on your belt now. This is a handy thing.

The Leatherman tool company makes a complete line of multi plier tools, knives, flashlights and hat light, and accessories.

Here is a list of some of the products that Leatherman has available:

Multi tools:

Super Tool 300: This is one of those 19-in-1 tools. It has everything you can imagine from the needlenose pliers, traditional knife, to 3 different sized straight slotted screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver, a saw, as well as a wood and metal file. This tool leasures 4.5 inches long while closed and weighs close to 10 ounces. It also comes with either a leather or a nylon sheath.

Skeletool: The leatherman skeletool weighs less than the Super Tool 300. At only a bit over 5 ounces, this compact tool is very convenient. On top of the needlenose pliers, this one also has a pair of regular pliers. This tool also comes with a large bit driver with 2 straight slot screwdriver and 2 Phillips head attachements. This tool is 4 inches long when closed and has a sheath that is sold separately, but it has a carabiner clip for easy storage.

Charge AL: This is another great Leatherman product that has 17 tools-in-1. This tool combines a little bit of everything in a package that only weighs 8.3 ounces. This tool has both a small and a large driver bit with a total of 8 bits that come with the tool. This tool comes with either a leather or a nylon sheath and is 4 inches long.

Leatherman Fuse: This Leatherman product has 13 tools-in-1. At only 6 ounces, it is lightweight and has all of the essential tools. This tool has everything from the needlenose pliers, large and small single slotted screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, scissors, and a knife. This tool is 4 inches long when closed and comes with either a leather or a nylon sheath.

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Crater Knives: These compact and lightweight knives are very easy to deploy. Every model features a belt clip for easy storage. Some of them have thumob studs for easy removal, and blade launchers, as well as screwdrivers. I have never owned a Leatherman knife, but I am sure that they are great, because I have owned several Leatherman Multitool sets.

Leatherman makes some great multi purpose tools. I love them because I can simply put this compact thing on my belt and not have to worry about it. These compact tools are made to be very durable and will last forever granted that you don't lose them. I have never had one rust or break on me.