Custom USB memory drives

Businesses are always looking for new ways to promote their message and identity that cater to the technological demands of their customers as well as the high-tech trends which are sweeping the world. One of the ways that many businesses have begun to satisfy both needs is to produce custom memory drives which contain a company logo, a memorable shape or color, and even pre-loaded marketing and campaign materials for the recipients of these drives. Best of all, they're a low-cost way to promote a business' message while giving the recipient something memorable and tangible which will prompt them to view a business as forward-thinking and innovative in its approach. For many, that's the ideal situation.


Custom Memory Drives can Literally Spread a Company's Message

The great thing about using a custom USB flash drive as a promotional tool is that the utility of such a technological device doesn't end with its appearance and the logos or colors which have been used to customize it. Indeed, any reputable company which produces these flash drives for business or consumer purchasers will offer what is known as a "pre-loading" service. This actually allows the business to hand over some key documents or images and have them placed onto every one of their custom memory drives during the production process.

The utility of such an approach should be pretty obvious to any marketing professional: Recipients of a flash drive will go home, plug the device into a desktop or laptop computer, and begin the process of making the flash drive their own. But, in the process, they'll notice a few key documents that are already placed onto the drive itself. Curiosity will get the better of them, and they'll click on an included image, PDF or DOC file to view what's going on inside that document. With information about the company and links to its products, the distributor can gain valuable website hits and a greater chance of increased overall revenue. In the area of custom memory drives, it's like producing an interactive billboard that connects with customers individually, one at a time.


Appearance Matters, and is Customizable, with Custom Memory Drives

Pre-loading files onto a custom USB flash drive for distribution to a wider audience is not the only thing which can set a business apart and promote its image to the masses. Indeed, the avenues toward customization of a flash drive are relatively broad and invite businesses to really place a unique stamp on their portable storage device. Companies have even produced custom memory drives for the likes of Showtime's hit show "Dexter" that came in the shape of a severed finger. If that isn't memorable, it's likely that nothing ever will be. There also more traditional USB flash drives like the pen flash drive which proves itself worthy by being multi-functional.

Companies owe it to themselves to come up with an extremely creative idea for their flash drive products and work with a production arm that will help them create something out of the ordinary. It is only when consumers are confronted with the unconventional that they perk up, pay attention, and want to know more. Whether it's a neon color and a flashy logo, or a grotesque severed finger, businesses can increase their reach and develop new leads simply by raising some high-tech eyebrows.


Work with a Company that Values Individuality and Custom Solutions

Creating a custom flash drive is a great way to promote a company's image and unique brand identity, but it must be handled with care by a company with a solid track record in creating eyebrow-raising, informative products. The best companies in the industry are those which excitedly engage in a consultation with new clients, and those which have a broad portfolio of everything from severe fingers to soda cans, music materials to those which are strictly corporate and a bit more straight-laced in nature. Businesses should only entrust their high-tech marketing message to those custom flash drive producers which are as edgy as they are cutting-edge.