An interesting article about the 6 places to look for alien life was recently published here, at InfoBarrel and was telling us about the possibility of alien life in our solar system.

It is still highly improbable that aliens exist AND we are able to find them AND they are somehow looking like us (standing, thinking, living in society) AND that we are capable to communicate with them AND... What we see in fiction books and movies in general (E.T., Avatar for example) has little chance to happen.

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However, for the sake of the discussion, let ut imagine that we find aliens and that these aliens are similar enough to us and that we can communicate with them, what should we do? Should we initiate the contact? Should we try to reach them? I believe it would be simply better to leave them alone.


Our history has proven it. We don't like differences and cannot stand people that are different. White people against black people, heterosexuals against homosexuals, religious people versus non religious people, native against immigrants... As soon as someone is different, he/she is rejected, no matter whether the difference concerns physical appearance, beliefs or behaviour. Nazis tried to create a perfect race and media tell us how we should look like (for women: tall, slim, big breast, long legs, make up, ...). 

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How can we possibly believe that we will accept aliens the way they are? What if they work better than us and ask less money? What if alien females have too much success with human men or alien males with human women? What if, on the contrary they don't take care of their physical appearance at all or if they are simply ugly to our standard? Will we still be able to accept them and welcome them?


Another thing that bothers me is: how can we approach aliens with a message of peace if we are not able to maintain peace on our own planet with people of our kind?

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Just turn around the situation and ask yourself: would you welcome inhabitants of another planet if you knew there were wars on that planet? If yes, which part of the planet would you ally with? The first one to come here? The most powerful tribe/nation of their planet? The most noble one? How would you know? You would need to study their history through books you cannot read and even if you could, those books would probably depend on who wrote them and who translated them.


Mankind has failed time after time to take care of the Earth. Pollution, climate change, enormous amount of trash floating in the oceans... Even the outer space is not free from garbage. One can read on that "China intentionally destroyed one of it aging weather satellites with an anti-satelllite (ASAT) weapon, adding more than 100,000 pieces of space debris to the already huge and dangerous amount threatening objects in space". And I bet China is not the only country with this kind of behaviour.

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Are aliens supposed to welcome us despite this? Isn't there some risks we are going to trash their planet or eco-system?


Another risk is coming from money. Many people will only see such a discovery as a source of new income. Selling weapons, plundering of ressources, exploiting the aliens, making the most of what aliens can do that humans cannot, etc...  Without laws or authorities to take care of what happens between both planets, it may become chaos quite quickly.

Religion and Ethics

Those are very sensitive topics. What if we come across aliens that are absolute non-believers and that will mock us for our religions. We have seen how bad things can get when someone makes disrespectful drawings of some religious icons or symbols. What if these aliens are doing it all the time?

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What if, on the contrary, they are very strong believers and will go on war if we dare the slighest joke about their religion? Or if they try to convert all of us to their religion by force? And this is not limited to religion. Ethics, moral, society, ... may be completely different. Maybe for them, it is fine for a husband to beat his wife, for someone to kill his brothers and sisters... Of course I am being controversial here, but we must understand that we have our set of rules constituted by religion, ethics, society, laws, ... and we will not be comfortable with another completely different set of rules.

No Positive Aspects of Mankind?

Yes, there are. Culture, achievements, trying to always go further, humanity, ... but that may not suffice to counterbalance the drawbacks mentioned earlier. For example, our rich culture (art, music, ...) may not prove valuable outside our society. Something, we find beautiful may make no sense whatsoever to aliens. Or maybe they will not understand how a drawing/painting can cost more than food for a whole family for several months? Other things like football or cinema may seem wrong to them. Why do we care so much about 22 people playing with a ball? Why do people who are acting as if they were other ones earn so much money and are so popular?

Let's Just Leave the Aliens Alone

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Next time you have a look at the world wars, next time you hear about genocides, next time you see how little people care about our planet, next time you simply quarrel with someone because of culture differences... just have a thought for aliens...