As much as any new mother would like to stay at home to raise her new little baby, many times that just isn’t possible. The thought of leaving that little one with a stranger can be absolutely terrifying, but if you don’t have a close friend or a relative who can care for the child, you need to find someone who is highly qualified and has the experience needed, not only for your peace of mind, but for the safety and well-being of your precious little one. Many people are advising you on who to hire and where to find this person, and you know you have a lot of options. The best thing you can do however, is to start looking way before the baby is actually due.


Waiting until you have already given birth is going to make your search all that harder, and you are going to find that you feel rushed into making a choice. You never want to be put into that position when you are seeking a qualified childcare provider. You aren’t going to feel up to it for one thing so soon after having your baby, and you really want to take all the time you need to locate someone who is experienced in taking care of newborns. Hiring a nanny seems like the perfect solution, especially if you will be returning to work full-time. You would like to find a person who has done this before, someone who has already raised a family of her own.


Why a nanny instead of a babysitter? Nannies are usually older and have a lot of childcare experience. They don’t tend to panic at the slightest little happening, know how to handle small emergencies, and have the ability to recognize certain things about newborn babies that a younger, less experienced person would. Babysitters, especially teenagers, are often very nervous around these tiny people, and get quite upset at the smallest thing. A woman who has had children knows that not everything is a cause for concern, and you can benefit greatly from her years of child raising and expertise. A nanny is the perfect choice for you.


You are going to be a very anxious mother when you return to your job. Having a nanny who is qualified and competent, calm, relaxed and capable caring for your baby can help ease those feelings of anxiety and make the transition a lot easier for you, especially if this is your very first child. Take the time while you are progressing through your pregnancy to meet as many potential nannies as you have time for, and conduct interviews with each person. The nine months you are waiting will ensure that you have the time to be as thorough as possible, and you will have your nanny in place by the time the baby is born.


You need her expert care even if this is not your first child. It can be a great relief to you knowing that she is there to help ease any situation that may occur, especially if you are worried that there may be any jealousy issues cropping up. A babysitter may not know how to handle this, but an experienced mother can recognize and handle the situation easily. She more than likely went through the same thing when her children were younger. Just one more reason why hiring a nanny is a much better choice.


Don’t worry if you don’t find an ideal nanny right at first. Just like anything else, this takes time and patience, and the perfect person is out there, and you will find her. That’s why you really have to start looking early on. In fact, there are women working as nannies who really love the idea of caring for a newborn, and this is the only job they will accept. Keep looking, don’t be disappointed if you don’t find her at first, remember that you have nine long months to locate her, and you will. Your friends may have a few ideas for you to consider, advertising is a good option, and word-of-mouth alone may be all you need to do.