I have long been a fan of basketball and ever since he burst onto the scene straight out of high school I have paid close attention to Lebron James. He has become one of the best players in the game and a serious argument can be made that he is the best player in the game today. If your reading this article then more than likely you are a fan looking to add a Miami Heat or Lebron James MySpace layout to your profile. Hopefully I can hook you up with everything you need to learn where and how to add either a Miami Heat or Lebron James layout to your MySpace profile.

The first site I'm gonna recommend is layoutlocator.com a site that is full of great content and very easy to navigate and use as well. This site has five pages of Miami Heat and Lebron James MySpace layouts for you to look from to choose for your profile. As I already mentioned its fairly easy to navigate with the use of thumbnails that you can click for a larger view and the code that is gonna be needed for application onto your page. If you are unaware the process of adding a MySpace layout is fairly simple. The code given simply needs to be copied and then pasted into the "About Me" section of your MySpace profile.

Another good site to get Lebron James MySpace layouts is all4myspace.com as they have a pretty good variety of content as well. They are similar to the site in that they show thumbnails which you can click to get larger previews and the codes as well. I recommend you checking this site out as they have some unique Lebron James layouts that may meet your tastes.

The final site I'm gonna discuss with you is coolchaser.com which is a pretty good place to get any kind of MySpace layout. The only downfall about this site is that its not quite as user friendly as the others previously mentioned thus far. However they do have a great amount of content and in terms of the amount of Lebron James layouts may beat the other two sites. If you are skilled with internet navigation then you probably will like this site and if not you probably will prefer the others. Either way its worth checking out if you have a moment while looking for your Lebron James layout.

Hopefully this article has informed you of several respectable sites where you can go to obtain both code and instructions for Lebron James MySpace layouts. You can always change the layout as often as you would like so there are plenty to experiment and try out on your page. I will be adding several other articles about adding different sports related layouts so make sure to keep your eye open in the future.