Lecithin Benefits

Lecithin is another name for phisohatidylcholine, a lipid component of cells. You can get lecithin in a number of ways. Some supplements offer it in a capsule form, while others offer bags of it—it looks like a grain, and can be added to recipes. The most common source of lecithin these days is from soybeans, though it can come from other animal and vegetable sources as well.

Lecithin Benefits For Your Cardiovascular System

Why is lecithin good for your heart? Lecithin is what they call a natural emulsifier. What that means is that it helps fat to dissolve in liquid. This quality comes into play when lecithin contacts fat in your blood. When this happens, it helps the fat to dissolve—in other words, to be suspended in your bloodstream—thereby preventing it from building up on your arterial walls.

Remember, it’s the buildup of fat on the walls of your arteries that increases your blood pressure and, by extension, your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Lecithin Benefits For Fat Metabolism

By helping the fat in your system to better dissolve, lecithin might help your body to process fats more effectively. This isn’t proven, but if it’s true, it could be a huge benefit: increased metabolism. Increased metabolism means that not only will you lose weight more easily, you’ll also have more energy! (Because your body will get energy from the fat that it processes.) This is a double-whammy benefit that’s worth looking into.

Lecithin Benefits: Choline

Choline is a nutrient found in egg yolks and has terrific effects on your health. For one thing, it helps your liver to process fats more effectively. It also helps reduce inflammation and homocysteine buildup. (Homocysteine is associated with cardiovascular disease—another reason it’s good for your heart!) Lastly, choline helps to make sure that your cells and nerves are working properly and communicating with one another effectively.

Lecithin Benefits For Cooking

Emulsifiers aren’t just good for your arteries. They can also help improve your cooking! Let’s say you’re baking a cake. An emulsifier like lecithin will help the fat in the cake mixture to better dissolve and mix with the other ingredients, like flour. The result should be a smoother, more tender, and more even-tasting cake! Delicious!

More Potential Lecithin Benefits

Here are some other health claims that have been made about lecithin:

  • Good for reproductive system
  • Relieves arthritis
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Treats gallstones
  • Improves mental functioning


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