Led Zeppelin


We have all probably heard it. Many people think that Led Zeppelin is one of the most overrated bands in history. However, they are overrated for a good reason. They changed the way we look at rock and roll. In this article I will take you through a few of their albums to show you how this band really changed rock and roll itself. 

The Albums

Led Zeppelin (Release Date: 1969)

Probably one of the most essential songs on this album is the hit "Dazed and Confused". The low guitar riffs signal a change in rock history. Then, when you hit the breakdown of the song, all you can do is dance. There is something about the weirdness of the sound that just draws you into this song. It is amazing that they started off their careers with such an experimental sound. We all know that rock music was taking a serious turn during this time, but it is bands like this that really stayed in the forefront and took center stage. Nothing says historic like Jimmy Page, and we all know that.

Led Zeppelin II (Release Date: 1969)

Part two of the amazing journey begins with songs such as "Whole Lotta Love", "The Lemon Song", and "Living Loving Maid". Even with these hard-rocking rhythms, they also had slower songs such as "Thank You", which hit us on a different note than the others. It is amazing that they were able to accomplish so much with their second album. That being said, this is definitely my favorite album. It has nothing to do with the hits, because there are several songs that I love from other albums. (Who can forget "Stairway to Heaven"?) However, I think this album has the best mixture of everything; it flows well and it rocks hard; and that's what Led Zeppelin is all about.

Led Zeppelin III (Release Date: 1970)

Here they come back in full force with their third installment of this self-titled series. "Immigrant Song" is the type of song that you are rocking out to really hard. It is the perfect start to a wonderfully compiled album. The great thing about this album is that it also starts to give us a bigger taste of some of those blues elements that I was telling you about. Songs such as "Since I've Been Loving You" take us on a wonderful bluesy journey that we will never forget. You can't get that amazing guitar solo out of your mind even if you tried. I also appreciate what they did with "Gallows Pole" and "That's The Way", again giving us some slower pieces that are really well composed and easy to listen to. You have also got to absolutely love the last track of the album. The way the blues sound just reverberates in your mind is fantastic. 

Led Zeppelin IV (Release Date: 1971)

This album is probable the best known because it contains one of the most famous rock and roll songs in all of history: "Stairway to Heaven". It is a pretty good album with some great hits, but I admit to having skipped ahead just to hear the ten minute oasis that is "Stairway to Heaven". Nothing sounds so much like heaven than this song, and the breakdowns are absolutely outstanding. There is nothing like experience you will have listening to this song. It will move you from tears to extreme happiness in a matter of seconds. Any band that has the ability to control our feelings like that is worthy of note in all the books in history ever made. There is just so much I could say about this song, and I don't think I could even express it fully here. That's how meaningful it is to me, and I'm sure many people feel the same way about it. That's how phenomenal it is. It's truly an out of this world experience. 


Other Albums

I'm sure you want to hear me explode into more detail about their other albums, but I just feel that their first four albums are the best and most essential part of who they are as a band. Say what you will, but it is how I really feel. This is not to say that their later albums aren't great, because they really are, but these first four albums are the ones that really started a revolution in our minds, hearts, and in the history of music. Nothing could ever compare to what they have done here. The crazy thing is, if you look at the different release dates, they were able to accomplish this much success and fame in just a short amount of time. Most bands won't see that kind of fame, not even in a million years. 


Whether you are listening to the vinyl (which I highly recommend) or you are listening to the Mp3s, Led Zeppelin will surely change your life. If you have never listened to them in your entire life, then you have truly never lived. Even if some of their songs really are overplayed on the radio station, they are played for a good reason. Their music takes us on an unforgettable journey that we will never be able to fully explain in words how it makes us feel. Their legacy lives on in everything we do. Their music is like a tattoo, forever branded in our hearts and minds for all eternity, and when we leave this world, we know that we will be "buying that stairway to heaven"...

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