One of my favorite summer holiday destinations is Greece. When you say summer you actually say Greek islands, the deep blue of the Mediterranean, the golden sand, the sunshine, the relaxation and all that fun that comes along, bringing happiness along with it. One ideal Greek island for summer holidays is Lefkada – Lefkas, Leucas or 'The White One', as it would be translated in English.

Black or White - the paradox

There is a paradox concerning the name the island bares nowadays (Lefkas – 'The White One') and the name it used to have during darker medieval ages. Back then, the island was known under the name of Ayia Mavra (meaning 'The Black Saint'). History reveals tormented episodes of rebellion from those times, when Venetians and later on Ottomans were disputing the island. Nowadays, the island is a land of peacefulness and light, shining just like a Phoenix reviving from its ashes. No wonder its current name is The White One!

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The island's capital

Lafkada is part of the Ionian Islands, along with Corfu, Zante (or Zakynthos), Ithaka, Kefallonia and Paxi. It the fourth largest island among the Ionian Islands. Unlike its sister-islands, Lefkada is connected with the western part of Greece's coastline by a bridge. Its capital city bares the same name of Lefkada, being located in the northern part of the island. It is definitely worth a visit during the summer holiday, as it contains a picturesque and tranquil beauty that only island cities can reveal. And it is only 20 minutes by car from the airport!

Lefkada's mountains
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Mountainous wonders

Lefkada's beauty lies not only in its legendary beautiful beaches and coastline, but also in its mountainous areas. The highest peak is Stavrota, measuring 1158 meters above sea level. It is definitely worth exploring the mountain villages, if in for a drive off the beaten track. The island is green, covered by pine trees, vineyards and olive groves. It is for sure not a boring landscape, on the contrary!

Porto Katsiki beach
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Porto Katsiki - one of the best beaches worldwide

However, summer holiday means lying on the beach, swimming in the blue warm waters of the Mediterranean, getting some suntan and having fun in the sun. And Lefkada has excellent resources for an ideal summer holiday! Porto Katsiki is the island's most famous beach, as it is considered one of the most idyllic worldwide. Porto Katsiki is of a breathtaking beauty and its natural beach is one of the best, along with the waters. If visiting Porto Katsiki for the summer, it will make for a summer holiday to remember forever!

Skorpios Island
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The Eastern coast of Lefkada

The island is sprinkled with amazing resorts, each with its own well-established beauty and each awaiting with amazing beaches and that wonderful warm water! On the eastern coast of the island, there is Nydri, a famous resort among tourist, quite populated and where you will never have a chance to be bored not even for a second. While in Nydri, you will also have the pleasure of looking towards Skorpios Island, which belonged to the Onassis family till very recently, as it has just been bought by a Russian billionaire as a present to his young beloved daughter.

If you are into water sports, then you should certainly have your summer holiday in Vasiliki. It is considered to be one of the best water sports resorts in the whole of Europe. It has its distinctive thermal winds that are considered to be amazing for windsurfing. If a sporty person, then Vasiliki is definitely worth a visit for the summer! Plus, the resort is also perfect for sailing and there are plentiful of resources in this direction in this particular location

Beach in Lefkada
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The West coast resorts

But there is also the West coast of the island with its turquoise waters and idyllic resorts, for the more relaxed and settled down ones. Agios Nikitas is the most well knows resort on this part of the island. It has the picturesque charm that attracts most of the visitors, along with its many options for accommodation and relaxing by the beach. Its taverns serve plentiful of the delicious goodies that made the Mediterranean cuisine so much appreciated and well known.

Otherwise, there are the more peaceful beaches that also offer accommodation for those who are into running away from the crowd. Pefkoulia and Kathisma are of a pristine beauty, awaiting for you to lie on those perfect spacious beaches that you might only know from movies and post cards. It takes your breath away when you actually reach those resort, when you actually go there, do that!

Therefore, go there, do that and enjoy your holiday!

Egremnoi beach
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