There are many innovative ways to hide your money on your person now a days, and leg money belts for men are just one of the products you can get.

There are money belts for men that you strap around your waist and hide under your shirt or pants, and then there are neck wallets too, that you secure around your neck and under your shirt for your cash, papers and credit cards, but if these don’t appeal to you, and you really want something to handle your cash and valuables that is not around your neck or waist, then consider leg money belts for men.

These specially designed pouches fit close to the calf or higher up if you prefer.  They have secured areas for your cash, papers such as tickets and passports, and credit and debit cards.  No more worrying about your wallet in the back pocket and your papers somewhere else, especially while travelling.Leg Money Belts for Men

If you like the idea of taking a lot of cash with you, then consider putting it in two places for “just in case” you could carry your wallet for regular items, and then keep a leg money belt for larger bills.

Travel Leg Money Belt Safe Card Money ID Passport Hide

Men used to carry valuables all over their person before credit cards, and many just didn’t trust banks, and would always have their cash on their person, even when sleeping.  So, that if they had to run out in the night they had all their cash with them.  My grandfather used to do this!

But as the bill notes got smaller, and the banks more trustworthy, people stopped carrying so much cash around with them.  You can pretty well get through a day with a credit card and a debit card without exchanging any cash now. 

But when you travel, you are not sure about your credit cards in other countries, so you tend to bring more cash, which makes you a target if you stuff it all in your back pocket wallet.  So, rather than suffer a pick pocket that can see that you have a wallet in your back pocket, try and hide your money on your person where it is not so obvious. 

There is the neck wallets or the money belts for men, or of course these leg money belts for men that can work well and keep everything including your cash and papers in one easy to remember spot.

You can get leg money belts that have small zippered sections for jewellery or other valuables that you want to carry on your person but safe and out of harm’s way.  These money belts for the leg have comfortable and secure straps that don’t bind or tug.  You will be aware of carrying it, but other than that, it will not bunch or get tighter.  So hang onto your cash!

You can get these hidden money belts for legs at many luggage stores and security stores, but you can also get some affordable options online at such sites as Amazon.  Shopping online will give you the variety and help you make an affordable choice for you and your next trip.