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Full Review

Are you looking for a program to document your genealogical research? The type of program you use is of extreme importance. You will want to chose a program that meets all of your needs. Having a user-friendly program is also very helpful. Consider a legacy genealogy program to meet your requirements.

The new Legacy 7.0 Family Tree software is now available. You can still download the standard edition for free. The new edition has many benefits including:

Map your ancestral migration path-this option allows you to pinpoint specific events in your family ancestry. Imagine being able to locate the country where your ancestor was born. As you do, you can follow their migration to the United States.

Devise colorful wall charts for display-this allows you the ability to create graphical charts. You can create ancestral, descendant, or even DNA genealogy charts if your prefer. Visually display your family photographs. You also can print large ancestral charts if needed.

Source citation-when it comes to family history research, correct source citation is of upmost importance. Family members and fellow researchers need an easy way to verify information that you have found. You don't have to be an expert with the a source writer program, which is incorporated into the legacy genealogy program. It will automatically create a bibliography, endnotes, and footnotes as needed.

Interview questions-do you ever wonder what to ask relatives? How do you come up with a list of questions to ask your family? Imagine having pre-written interview questions or memory triggers! This will help you capture precious records of priceless memories. You can write your own questions as well if you prefer.

The legacy genealogy program is set up in a easy-to-use format. This format allows you to preserve your genealogical research. Family trees allow you to record up to millions of people. The software also offers all genealogical reports that you will need for hard copy documentation. Questionnaires, timelines, calendars, research logs, and blank forms are all provided for your convenience.

Another benefit is that this program will soon allow functionality with Family Search. Family Search is one of the largest online repositories of family history information. This will soon be available in the standard edition of the software, available at no cost.

In Closing

If you are an international user, this software is also available in the following languages: Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish.

The legacy genealogy program is one of the best family history software programs on the market today. Try it and see for yourself!