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Do you create videos with background audio tracks? If so, are you completely licensed? Get Legal Music and stop worrying about the problem.

The music industry is famous for defending intellectual property rights. That is, they find people who use music. Those people are fined. In some cases, the fines run into several thousands of dollars. Practically anyone can be affected. If you use even a small portion of a song, you can be fined.

First, the industry finds that you have used a song without proper licensing. Then you are issued a demand letter. This tells you that you have been found to be using unauthorized music. There is a dollar figure that you must pay to rectify your error. If you do not pay, you can be taken to court.

If you do go to court, you are inconvenienced, and you could easily pay even more money. Most people pay the amount specified in the demand letter. Think of the alternative. Lawyers, travel, time. The trouble is extensive.

Why risk the hassle? If you make video clips, either stop using music, or make sure that you are legal. Get Legal Music and you will be.

Legal Music is composes of 40 tracks of royalty free music that you can use as background audio on your videos. There are many different pieces ranging from rock, to jazz, to technical. There are fast and slow tempo version of each track. Best of all, with Legal Music, you get a commercial license that allows you to bundle the tracks into videos that you sell to clients.

Tracks 1 to 10

The video above gives you a good feel for the audio. This is a short piece that clips together the first 10 tracks.

Legal Music works great with VideoMakerFX, the hot new content creation application. Together, you get 60 tracks which should be enough to satisfy your need for different musical moods.

When you buy VideoMakerFX, you get Legal Music as a bonus. You can also buy it separately. 

You can also use the music tracks in the following applications:
- in podcasts, whether used on your web site or sold to clients
- on web sites as background audio
- on Vimeo hosted video clips
- with recording systems, such as telephone switchboards 
- as elevator, or other background music
- as slide audio for graphic presentations

Don't take a chance with unlicensed music. If you have in the past, delete the audio immediately. Remix the clips with Legal Music. Do everything you can to protect yourself. Stop using unauthorized music. Start using Legal Music.

Your new tracks will include lively piano pieces. Rythm work, jazz, techno, and much more. Each can be used to create a different mood in the clip. You get exciting audio, calm audio, and in between. Having nice background audio makes your video seem much more professional. True, the clip create applications usually come with a few tracks. In the cast of VideoMakerFX, there are 20. With everyone using them, by the thousands, each of those tracks will be quite recognizable over time.

Tracks 11 to 20

The video above gives you more insight into the audio. This short piece clips together the last 10 tracks.

The Legal Music tracks are quite different. They are likely to be much less common than ones that come with commercial software. That makes them more unusual for your viewers. You want to stay distinctive, unique, and different. That's how your clips get attention.

If you work creating any Internet content, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to abide by copyrights. Don't plagiarize any content, not images, text, or audio. Use your own works, or those for which you have clear commercial licenses. Royalty free content is great, too. That way you don't need to pay any fees when you distribute your work. You can remain in control. Be sure that you get resale rights as well. That lets you run a creation business. 

The future belongs to Internet content. Whether desktop, tablet or mobile, viewers need content. You can create the content. Video clips with VideoMakerFX. Background audio with Legal Music. You stay legal. You make great content. You improve your portfolio and the clients get better results. If you are running a content business, you will have great tools to show clients. Remember, however, that VideoMakerFX audio can only be used in that application. With Legal Music, you can use the tracks in any application that you want. 

Using the free audio tracks is very easy. Just use your application to browse to the folder that contains the tracks. Pick the one that you want from the displayed list. You may need to adjust the volume, especially if you have a voice-over narrative track as well.

Using VideoMakerFX

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