Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a 2001 film starring Reese Witherspoon (Elle), Luke Wilson (Emmett), Selma Blair (Vivian) and Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette).   Elle is studying Fashion and is head of her sorority.  On one date she expects her boyfriend, Warner, to propose, but he breaks up with her instead, explaining that she is not the sort of person he can marry.  Devastated, Elle decides that her only option is to apply to Harvard Law School, where Warner is headed after they graduate, in order to prove that she is good enough for him and his family.

After surviving the admissions process, Elle is accepted and moves to Harvard.  On meeting Warner she discovers that he is now engaged to Vivian, and the two immediately dislike each other.  Elle has a lonely time at Harvard, with the only support coming from her dog Bruiser, her manicurist Paulette and Emmett, who offers her advice on the different professors.

Elle has several mishaps, including being tricked into dressing up for a non-fancy dress party, where she is laughed at, and swears to show them that she is just as good as they are.  Elle does this by working hard, and is later chosen to be one of four interns to help with a murder trial – Elle is the only person who believes in Brooke’s innocence.  Brooke trusts Elle with her alibi, but the latter refuses to disclose it, because Brooke was also a member of her sorority.

During Brooke’s trial one of Elle’s professors makes a pass at her, which she rejects and then quits, only to be persuaded to return when Emmett and Vivian find out what occurred.  Brooke, hearing what the professor did, fires him and hires Elle to defend her instead.  Elle makes a slow start in the courtroom, but after questioning Brooke’s step-daughter she realises that she is lying about having a shower straight after having a perm, because the perm is still intact.  This results in the step-daughter confessing to the murder, stating that she had intended to kill Brooke instead.  After the trail Warner approaches Elle and tells her he wants to get back together with her, but she refuses.

The end of the film shows what is happening two years in the future.  Elle has a job offer, she and Vivian are best friends, Paulette is married, Emmett is planning to propose to Elle that night, and Warner has no job offers, and is no longer with Vivian.