First, a Little History

Legend of Zelda, a title that has been a part of Nintedo's line up since 1986. There have been multiple releases with this title through out the years and they continue to release more. Our man Link has also appeared in various other titles, usually fighting games. This particular chapter of the Legend of Zelda series was originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, where as its hand held system version was released in 2011, 13 years later!


So, What Are the Differences?

Within the first few minutes of game play you see some of the differences. One of the key differences would be the graphics!

The scene that follows Navi the fairy wakes up the sleeping Link in his tree house home has massive differences. The images are sharper, lines are smoother. The art of the 3DS version  matches more closely to the art of the more recent games.

The movements of the characters are smoother and the facial expressions are more fitting. Links hat actually flops about behind him when he runs realistically. The facial expression range has increased and fits the scenarios better.

One of the changes I personally notice and loved, as this feature always bothered me, was young Princess Zelda's face! Her nose in the 64 version always bothered me, it didn't make sense for it to stick out the way it did. But in the 3DS version they fixed it and she is adorable!

The dungeons look amazing and so do the creatures with in them. Another physical change is the shops. The Happy Mask shop got a major make over and so did many of the shop signs. They also added posters to some of the walls.

Everything is brighter and they increased the color pallet so that we can see things better and it adds more depth to the game.



Another one of my favorite changes would also be the dialog. 

Those of us who played the original game remember how long winded the owl was. Nearly every replay I went through I rushed through what he said and usually would accidentally hit "no" when he asked "did you get all that?" So I was stuck rushing through it again.

Well, they have condensed what he says to just the basics and Changed it around so you don't accidentally answer "no" and have to go through it again.

They have actually done this with quite a bit of the dialog with other characters like the Deku Tree, and Zelda.



What About Game Play?

The game mechanics have changed slightly but not too much.

One of the changes is the buttons for the ocarina. There is no C pad so instead it incorporates the A, B, X, Y, R and L buttons. You can also use the touch pad to play it.

Aiming with the slingshot, hookshot and bow without the targetting function, which still is an existing feature, requires that you physically move the DS to aim it at things.

The also have made it so you have to use the touch pad in order to use some of the items if you don't assign them a button.

The touch pad is where you access your menu, items and map.

Other wise the mechanics are essentially the same.

All That Said...

The feel of the game, even with the appearance changes, has remained the same and there have been no alterations to the story of this excellent game. 

As far as a comparison between the two games goes if you are worried about the feel and story of the game changing, then you have nothing to worry about. The dungeons layouts are still the same, as is the story and the characters personalities. The questions haven't changed at all either.

It is still the game I remember from my childhood and now that it has been remastered I can't wait for my children to be old enough to play so I can share my favorite game with them!