If you are looking for a new and exciting MMORPG app to play on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc) then read on and see if I can peak your interest. I have written this Legends at War iPhone game review for both new players, and existing players looking for some additional tips.

Legends at War Loading ScreenCredit: Taken by myself

It is worth mentioning that Legends at War used to be called Dragon Realms upon release. However, due to legal complications behind the use of that name the game developers Gree Inc changed the title of the game to Legends at War in late 2013.

The basic story behind the game sees you as the main character in a 3D world attacking NPC characters and building up your realm. You collect heroes to add to your party and increase your overall attack and defensive stats and use gold to buy upgrades and buildings.

Like most multiplayer online games there are two very different methods of game play available, PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). You can play both methods simultaneously, or as a lot of players do you can choose what method suits you best. I will breakdown the differences below.

PvE (Player vs Environment)

PvE uses up your energy that regenerates at 1 per 3 minutes and has a maximum cap of 100 this limits how many times you can perform an action per hour. The actions you can perform are;

  • Attacking NPC characters for gold and summons
  • Completing assigned missions
  • Completing LTQs (Limited Time Quests)

Attacking NPC characters is the fastest way to earn gold and summon drops (explained later)

As you follow the assigned quests in order your NPC drops and rewards will become better, but in addition will take more energy to perform.

PvP (Player vs Player)

PvP uses up your stamina that regenerates at 1 per 20 minutes and has a maximum cap of 3 this limits how often you can perform attacks on other players. The main two actions you can perform are;

  • Attacking another player for 1 stamina
  • Power attacking another player for 3 stamina

When attacking other players you have a 10 minute window after every attack to make another successful attack. Every 3 successful attacks in a row will gain you a special prize, this is usually some crystals or a summon.

The interesting dynamic to Legends at War PvP that separates it from other similar games is the fact that you do not receive any attack reports or suffer any losses from incoming attacks. This is a more user friendly setup and saves you as the player any inconvenience or losses to worry about when offline.

To be successful when attacking other players the total attack value of your heroes must be higher than the total defence value of your opponent’s heroes. Simple right? Not quite, you don’t know the defence value of your opponent until you attack them, but you do know their overall player level so it’s in your best interest to attack the lowest level opponent you can find.


Summon stones are collected in your inventory as you progress through the game. You can use these stone whenever you wish and each summon turns into a hero to add to your collection. There are various ways to obtain summon stones, here are the main few;

  • Completing PvP tasks
  • Buying them with in-app purchases
  • Buying them with in-game currency
  • You receive one summon per day as a log in bonus

Additionally there are four grades of summon based on how rare they are, the more rare they are the stronger the heroes summoned will be. These are classed as Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

Talent Points

Legends at War Talent PointsCredit: taken by myself

Every time you level up your account you receive 1 talent point. Talent points can be used to add bonuses to different skills and elements. Be careful where you allocate your points as it will cost you real money to reallocate them if you feel you made a mistake. Look ahead and see what skills you want to eventually unlock and work your way towards that goal.

Joining A Guild

You can create your own guild or apply to join an already established Guild. Within the guilds there are guild goals and tasks to achieve, this will mean working with other members and bringing a social side into the game play.

Donations are important to guilds to enable upgrades to be purchased, the upgrades add bonus stats to all players within the guild so expect to donate if you expect to benefit from the upgrades.


You overall attack and defence values are made up from assigning your 9 strongest heroes into your party. Always check you have your 9 strongest heroes selected as this is the party used to attack all NPCs and other players.

Levelling Up Heroes

Legend at War HeroesCredit: taken by myself

You can level up your heroes to add extra attack and defence to them. To do this you need to use up your lower level heroes that you will never have any use for. You will accumulate a lot of useless low level heroes as you progress through the game and this is their time to come into use. Be aware that any heroes used to level up another hero will be consumed and there is no way to recover them.

Evolving Your Heroes

In addition to levelling up heroes you can evolve them 3 times. To evolve a hero you need another hero exactly the same. Go into the in game options, select evolve and then select both heroes together, both heroes will be consumed and you will be given a new hero with higher value stats.

To gain the most out of your heroes the goal is to evolve them fully, then start levelling them up with the spare heroes you have.

Building Up Your Realm

Legends at War RealmCredit: taken by myself

You have an area of land that you can use to generate more gold from buildings. Select buildings from the in game menu and when you have enough gold to build them, do so. You will have gold income to collect periodically from your buildings and can upgrade them for faster returns over time.


I have covered most of the game play you will need to know to make a start with Legends at War and hope that you enjoy playing this iPhone game as much as I have.

If you already play Legends at War and have any questions, advice or want to discuss anything I have mentioned in this article feel free to leave a comment below.