It's a good thing you are looking for a legitimate home based business, this tells me you are serious about building something meaningful and a solid income and are probably wary of dodgy, fly by night home based business opportunities. Working from home is very appealing, no more commute and more importantly, no more boss to direct you. You know you can cut it alone, you trust your abilities and want to fly solo. So how does one go about building a legitimate home based business?

First thing I would ask is do you have any special talent or skill? Starting a legitimate home based business could be as simple as doing the thing you do best from your own home, through the Internet. With the Internet anyone can set up an online business and work from their home office. For example, if you were a web designer at a company before, you can simply set up a website promoting your services and go from there. Internet is a great tool to promote your services to a large audience. Even if you do retail, physical goods, having a storefront on the web can greatly increase your sales. So the first thing to do is see if you can market your skills through the Internet. If you can manage good rankings in the search engine this could turn in a very profitable home based business.

Internet is great but it is not for everybody. Some people cannot readily learn how to do everything that is needed to set up an Internet business and even if you can pay people to do that for you the idea here is to give you affordable home based business ideas. So what else could you do? Not everybody as special skills that can be marketed. Fortunately there are other possibilities. Do you love pets? If you do you could think about setting up a pet sitting business. When people leave on holidays, business trips and the likes they often can't or don't want to take their pet with them. What you could do is offer to guard their pet for them. This can work well if you live in a decent size city and possess a house with a yard.

A growing business these days is third party shopping. This is when you do the groceries for people who don't have the time to do them or can't physically. Grocery shopping through the Internet is still marginal so there is a niche here. Another good home based business opportunity can be doing secretarial work. If you are skilled at editing, typing or even translating if you speak a foreign language this can be a rewarding home based business opportunity. Virtual assistant is a growing trend and that could translate to a profitable legitimate home based business for you, string a few clients together and you could definitely make an attractive salary.