Working from home can be a good way to be able to stay home and still earn a living.

You should think about what your interests are and how much money you need to earn. Working for yourself can be rewarding. You keep all the profits.You can set hours to work just like as if you were going out to work. Or you can work a few hours a day it is up to you. Set up an office space in your home with all the supplies you need. Keep good records of what you have to spend and how much your making. Giving out Business cards are a good way to get clients.

There are several work at home jobs. Here are a few ideas.

Writing at home-

Easy to do . Look on the internet to find the places to you want to write for. Sign up and write short stories,blogs and articles.

Pet sitting-

This is a job that your can watch people's pets in their home or yours.People who need to travel or while they are at work. You could sit hourly or daily. You must love animals to be good at this job.

Advertise in the free papers ,by word of mouth and make business cards. Pet sitters are especially needed doing the Holidays.


You should like organization and detail. A computer,printer, and phone are necessory tools. Do paperwork,payroll or accounting for small businesses.


Take care of children for their parents to work or shop. You need to have a safe clean environment . Plenty of toys,games and crafts to entertain the children. Sometimes parents need after school care for their children. You can charge by the day or by the hour.