Legitimate online jobs

Infobarrel.com. This article writing site offers you 75% of the money your articles generate and up to 90% if you are a regular contributor. You may think that by writing this article, I am biased somehow toward Infobarrel but this notion is false and has no merit. I can tell you based on first hand experience that you will never find another form of passive income that has the growth potential long-term that Infobarrel has. You can sign up by clicking here.

eBay. This is another site that has great potential if you understand what items have little overhead and high earning potential. You will need a few bucks to get started as it costs money each month whether you sell anything or not. You will also have to pay a per item fee that makes it a bit more difficult to make money.

Hubpages.com. This site is a decent article writing site but most of the titles are taken and you will find it difficult to find titles for articles because of the large number of articles that have already been written on this site. This site also offers 50% of ad impressions for each article that you have. 

Write reviews. Certain websites offer you the ability to write reviews for video games that haven't been tested on a large scale yet. These reviews generate a decent amount of money but make it difficult for you to test the game and write a review in a short period.

Take surveys. Survey taking sites are available but you have to be sure to go through an independent reviewing site to decide which survey sites are legitimate or not. I will say that there are many survey sites available and most of them are not legitimate, so you have to be careful only to choose the largest sites.

Flip websites. Many people build unfinished websites and then turn around and sell them online. This leaves you an oppurtunity to buy old websites that are either inadequate or unfinished and "flip" them before re-selling them online. This can be profitable if you are creative and have a good designers eye. This will require some initial investment, time and you may have to learn a few things.