Need to spend some time away? Why not start relaxing in your own personal beach house! This multicolored structure is packed with enjoyable as well as with realistic structure details, from the life-size bright windows to the grilling section and colorful umbrella. Includes directions for upgrading into a warm coffee bar or towering residence building! Second level actually lifts off to see those detailed stairs and amazing fireplace on the first level! Second level has a terrace along with a casement that actually opens!

Outside there are courtyard with tables, colorful umbrella as well as chairs, and even a realistic barbeque grilled with cooking chicken! Realistic and intricate details include those small things such as mailbox, cute and functioning doorbell, colorful flowers, walkway, functioning light fixtures, even a chimney, detailed tree and plenty of windows! The building was rather simple, but had a number of great and intricate features missing from the other Lego Creator House sets. Those incredible and detailed stairs! Why can't these amazing features be in all of the two-story house sets? The barbeque was enjoyable to construct and even looks incredible. I think I will need a handful more of these to create the building block party work.

The picnic spot has actually a detailed touch and it even adds to the resort details. I like the mailbox particularly - not certain why LEGO seems to set up the low priced-feeling package while the other sets have the flip-down front on other Lego sets. This particular set looks a lot better. There weren't actually any exceptional parts to this amazing set, but the blocks and pieces were well-matched to all of its parts and sections. If you want to find out more about this amazing Lego 4996 set then you will surely find tons of images even articles along with those online shops that offer great selections. You just have to choose and pick the best one for you.

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