I'm blown away with this game, it's amazing and fun to play!!

This game even out-does Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars!! It has a good pace and lots of action scenes. In the first 60 min of gameplay, you fight Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Two-Face, Catwoman and The Penguin as you chase down the Joker. You have to discover and use 4 new suits for Batman and Robin that help you in your quest, such as the Power Suit for Batman that allows you to blow up Silver Lego objects, and Robin's Magnet Suit that allows you to walk vertically up sky scrapers. You use the BatPlane and Robin-Copter in a high-speed chase after the Joker. You use the Batcave as base, of course, and have three vehicles at your disposal right off the bat (lol, pun of the day!) The Batmobile, the Bat Bike and Robin's Motorbike. These have rapid fire guns and missiles for blowing up silver Lego objects.

The best part of this game is it includes other DC characters such as Lex Luther, Superman, The Green Lantern and Wonder Woman!! There are some really funny dynamics between Batman and Superman, and Robin is always eager to please but gets nothing but crumbs from Batman. It is pretty intertaining.


Like all Lego games you can destroy just about everything and receive Lego studs. This game has the same open world feel as Arkham City or even Grand Theft Auto 4. You can drive out of the Batcave and get into any car or even a school bus and drive it around. You can choose to follow the story line or just drive around and collect studs. This game is massive and has a ton of story line quests, characters, unlockable suits and vehicles. There are enough side goals in this game to keep the average gamer busy for months. There are 250 gold bricks that are achieved after a level is completed, and you will get two gold bricks per level if you collect 100% of the studs in a level. This game is super fun and entertaining, It is a must have in my book, especially if you have small children or you like to play video games!