Lego City Construction Site

You can now buy the Lego City Construction site on sale for its cheapest, lowest and best price ever! You can save up to as much as 30% off the original retail price which is a great deal to be had on one of the most popular Lego Sets. There are generous deals on many popular Lego City sets too such as Police Station, Fire Station, city digger, dump truck, crawler crane, building crane and so much more. However, out of all of them it is the Lego City Construction site that most parents are after for their kids and most kids are demanding from their parents! I will give you a quick review of it so you can make your mind up for yourself.

The Lego Construction site is available best priced at Amazon now and you might want to rush to get yours as it is extremely popular and highly in demand. It is actually one of the top selling Lego sets in the past year! It has been most popular with young boys between the ages of 4 and 10 years old mainly because working on the construction site is often looked at as a real "mans" job like being a fireman and so young boys, no matter how young, all like to aspire to being the tough guy!

The Lego City Construction Site comes with 898 lego pieces along with 3 vehicles, construction equipment and accessories too. These include 5 mini figure workers, an elevator, modular building and also the roof comes on and off so you can easily play with the people inside. Another nice touch is a little Lego shovel so you can do some manual digging and the crane actually moves pieces around the building.

The most fun part of the Lego City Construction Site is the actual construction. Assembling the model is always the most fun part of any Lego set and this one is no different. You will be amazed at how kids can go so quiet and transfixed as they try and solve all the problems themselves. Then when it is complete the fun has only just begun as you can play and act out so many different scenarios. A favourite one is using the construction site to try and construct a whole new Lego model too!

The best thing about the Lego City Construction Site and any other lego set is the fact that its often so educational and great for helping to develop a young childs cognitive and creative skills too.

You can buy the Lego City Construction Site for best price from Amazon!