The Lego Duplo Thomas starter set is designed for children aged 24 months to 5 years. Toddlers and preschoolers that love Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends are sure to love the set. The 82-piece Lego set includes plenty of great pieces such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Sir Topham Hatt, a windmill, train station and train tracks. The large, sturdy duplo pieces are ideal for small hands and kids will have a great time putting the colorful pieces together to create many different scenarios. The starter set allows children to replicate the island of Sodor where Thomas works hard to carry coal to different locations.

Lego Duplo Thomas

How the Starter Set Promotes Childhood Development

Lego sets are a good choice for young children and early childhood education experts recommend the product. The colorful blocks stimulate learning, promote creativity and improve problems-solving skills. Parents can use the Thomas themed Lego set to teach their toddlers and preschoolers the skills they need for kindergarten. Lego blocks help children learn colors and patterning, and playing with the colorful blocks helps children improve their fine motor skills. Studies show that toddlers that play with Lego pieces improve their verbal skills by up to 15%. Most toddlers enjoy putting the Lego pieces together and then pulling them apart which helps develop their coordination. Older children enjoy building a variety of structures and engaging in imaginary play, which enhances their planning and creative skills. Children who play with the Thomas Lego Set with their siblings or playmates will learn about sharing and teamwork.

Lego Duplo Thomas Starter Set Box

Customer Reviews

According to a variety of customer reviews, most parents are pleased with the starter set. The set contains many great pieces that are only found in the best Lego sets. The only downside to the set is that it does not include a complete set of instructions. Parents should keep the product box, which features several descriptive photographs that can serve as a guide when building different structures. Many grandparents purchase the set as a gift for their grandchildren or keep the Lego set at their home for when their grandkids come for a visit.

Lego’s were launched in 1958 and it did not take long for them to become a top selling product. Today, there are over fifty Lego sets sold every single minute. Every child needs to have at least one Lego set to play with and the Lego Duplo Thomas starter set is a great choice for both boys and girls.