Lego Friends is a great line of Lego toys that is designed with girls in mind. The story of the entire collection centers around a group of girlfriends from HeartlakeCity. In their town, there are many different places to go and things to do and you can see all of this in the many toys that are available in this line.


There have been many attempts in the past to create a line of Lego toys for girls. These have all failed until now with Lego Friends. There is something special about these models that really have girls every where talking.


You can find the full selection of Lego Friends toys available on Amazon at some amazing deals now! However, today we will focus on one small group of this great toy line. There is a collection of Lego Friends sets that are based around horses that would be great to give to any little girl.


Now it is time to take a look at some of the best of these options as you are shopping for your little girl. You can choose to start out with one set and build upon it as your little one creates her own town.

Lego Friends Summer Riding CampCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp

This model is great because it combines the really cool story line that is this toy and riding horses. Horseback riding has always been popular with girls of all ages. This toy takes the dream of being able to go to a Summer Riding Camp and makes it into something that your child can build into her life.


This set is very big with over 1100 pieces that come with it. You get a minibus and trailer that is great for moving things around. There are 2 two story houses that will be the backdrop to many adventures.


Emmas Horse Trailer


This Lego Friends set is a great one to have. It includes everything that is needed to create the trailer and the truck to pull it. You get Emma and a horse for her to ride. There is also a staging area and a practice jump that can be built with this toy.


The stories that can be created are great with just this little set. Helping Emma to get ready for the big competition with her jumps and then packing up to go to it is just one story line that can be played out.


Lego Friends Heartlake StablesCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Lego Friends Heartlake Stables

The smaller setup that includes horses and build is this stable set. As you can see in the picture, this is a bit smaller then the Riding Camp. However, it does include everything that you little girl would need to build a stable and have hours of fun without having to buy any other kits.



Little girls and horses are two things that always seem to go together. The love of riding and playing with any toy that includes horses is not new. The Lego Friends sets that have been showcased here show you just what can be created when the love of horses and Lego get together.



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