While Lego building sets have always appealed to both boys and girls, the toys have often held a greater appeal for boys, especially once they get older. A new line called LEGO® Friends hopes to change this with some special features designed to be more appealing to girls. The new sets work just like other LEGO® sets, which challenge kids on a number of different levels. First, there’s the challenge of putting the sets together. Kids must use a variety of skills to read and understand detailed directions, search for the proper pieces and put them together the right way. Playing with Legos encourages kids to build their cooperation, concentration and imagination, all while developing motor skills and improving their problem solving abilities.

Some kids get satisfaction from simply putting together their Lego set. Other kids invent games to play using their LEGO® sets after they put them together. Since the pieces in all Lego sets are compatible with each other, other kids go a step further and combine the pieces from different sets to build new creations. These factors make the popular building sets the kind of toys kids love playing with over and over again. For parents, toys like these make a good investment because kids play with them so much and in so many different ways.

Themes for LEGO® building sets come from popular books, movies or other storylines which are unique to Legos. Each theme usually includes a variety of large and small sets with pieces that can be used to form expanded scenes. Kids can connect buildings and use vehicles and figures to interact with their creations. The LEGO® Friends sets have all these appealing qualities, with a few cool, new features.

Lego Friends City Park Cafe

As a dollhouse enthusiast, my own personal dream was to design houses, complete with furniture, using my brother’s LEGO® sets. However, I could never create exactly what I saw in my head using the sets that were available. While some LEGO® sets looked like houses on the outside, they didn’t feature all the cute little details, including furniture, that I wanted for my dollhouse creations. When I saw the new LEGO® Friends, I felt like the company read my mind.

These sets include houses, stores, figures (with changeable hair and clothes) and tons and tons of furniture and accessories of all kinds. However, these sets remain compatible with all other regular Lego sets. The amazing details and accessories, as well as the unique LEGO®  bricks and pieces, all come together to make dollhouse settings girls can change, organize and play with in endless ways. Some of the Lego Friends sets may be a little light on regular Lego building bricks and pieces. However, a simple way to fix this problem is by combining the sets with regular Lego bricks or sets to create endless new looks and even more amazing dollhouse creations.

If you’re looking for toys your daughter won’t get tired of quickly, consider the Lego Friends line of building sets. These Lego sets combine all the great qualities of Legos, with some special details which make them even more appealing to girls. Playing with Legos builds many important life skills in a very fun way. Learn more about the Lego Friends with special figures, sets and accessories designed for girls to play with and enjoy.