Lego Green Grocer

You can buy the Lego Green Grocer for sale online for its now lowest price ever. The prices have finally been slashed on one of the most in demand Lego models in the companies history! If you are a collecto

r or even a Parent wanting to buy for a kid this is one of the ultimate Lego Sets and easily one of the most in demand. Some people have been known to pay a four figure fee on ebay to get the Lego Green Grocer when they feared it might be unavailable elsewhere. Well thankfully now I will tell you just where you can buy it for the best price online and also give you a quick review of it too.

The Lego Green Grocer is available on sale from Amazon for the best possible price online. This is the actual whole genuine real set with no catches. When you buy it and put it together for the first time you will almost be blown away by how awesome it looks. Lego normally pay huge attention to detail on their models and sets however they have really pushed the boat out on this one. The grocery store itself has some nice touches such as blue and white awning, cash register, mini lego fruit and vegetables and also some bread bins too! Above the green grocer are apartments just like in real life and even these have nice touches such as bay windows, fireplaces, clocks, windows and working stairs that lead up to the roof terrace. All this before you even looked at the fully working fire escape from the roof terrace. The outside part even had a nice little mailbox too! Already you can see the potential hours of fun to be had with the Lego Creator Green Grocer set.

The Lego Green Grocer comes with a massive 2352 pieces and the grocer itself looks superb. Remember, you can also incorporate other Lego Creator sets with it too. So if you had the family home you could put it right next door! I also like the fact you get 4 little townspeople with it too. Normally Lego only include one or two mini figures but I think for the premium price this set costs it is only right to throw in 4 figures. They also include a cat and a rat too!

I hope you enjoyed my quick review and I am sure if you decide to buy it you will love it just as much as I do. Remember, you can buy the Lego green grocer for the best price possible from Amazon!