Lego Harry Potter Toys are a popular range of construction toys based on the hugely successful Harry Potter films. Lego started selling Harry Potter toys based on the magical world of witches and wizards in 2001. Over fifty sets have since been produced and have proved massively successful with children and collectors. Lego has made models of all the important scenes, characters and vehicles from the films.

The series began with 11 Lego Harry Potter sets released in 2001, among them a Hogwarts Castle (set number 4709) and a Hogwarts Express (set number 4708). The first sets were based on the first film, Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone, and subsequest year's sets are were mostly based on the film that had just been released.  There was a period of inactivity after 2007  when it looked like the Lego Harry Potter line would end, but several sets were released in October 2010. Several years have seen a re-release of the Hogwarts Castle and Hogwarts Express sets, with four Hogwarts Castle sets having been released to date.

As with the successful Lego Star Wars sets, the most popular aspect of the toys has been the Lego Mini-Figures. Lego have achieved fantastic results in recreating the Harry Potter characters in mini-figure form. There are approximately 23 variations of Harry Potter himself, in various outfits such as school robes, casual clothes and a Quidditch outfit. This gives some idea of the attention to detail that Lego has made in recreating the Harry Potter universe.

Popular Lego Harry Potter Sets can sell out quite quickly, and can be difficult to get hold of. If you were thinking of buying some of the sets, try to do so whilst they are still in production, as unopened, mint condition sets can be very expensive on the secondary market. For example, at the time of writing, the current Hogwarts Castle set released in 2010 is still widely available, but any one of the previous three Hogwarts Castle sets in unopened conditioned is likely to cost anything up to six or seven times the original retail value!

Sets have ranged from very small, such as set number 4711 'Flying Lesson' with 23 pieces, to extremely large, such as set number 10217 'Diagon Alley', with 2025 pieces, including 12 mini-figures.  The Diagon Alley piece will almost certainly be hugely collectable beacause of its size and some of the exclusive mini-figures.

Several promotional sets have also been made, these are usually in the form of a small poly bag, containing a mini-figure and a small cart or other item. In addition to the standard construction sets, keyrings, Lego games and magnet figure sets have all been made. Lego Harry Potter even has its own video games!

It is not known whether Lego will be making any more Harry Potter sets in the future, but lets hope that the magic continues for some time to come!




Lego Harry Potter Mini-Figure