Last year, lego released a series of board games called Heroica. Four sets were released initially: waldurk forest, caverns of nathuz, draida bay, and castle fortaan. One more set was released this year, Ilrion. The lego game series really excited me, as I hadn’t seen anything like it and you can change the game's to play several different ways. But do the games live up to my expectations? In this review, we'll find out if one of the two medium-sized heroica games, Waldurk Forest, is all it's cracked up to be! 

How to Play

Of course, being a lego game, you have to build it. It’s really quite easy to do, especially if you follow the instructions. To play, you start out as either the druid, barbarian, or ranger. The object of the game is to defeat the monster at the end. You move with a die. You can move either 1,2, 3, or 4 spaces (a shield is 4 spaces). If you go next to a monster (not diagonal) you must end your turn and fight the monster. To fight it, roll the die. If you roll a 1 (skull and sword) you lose health equal to that monster’s points (1, 2, or 3) and have to move back a space, but you also beat that monster. If you roll a 2 (skull) you lose health equal to that monster’s points and have to move back a space, but don’t beat the monster. If you roll a sword, you beat the monster and don’t lose any health. If you roll a shield, you beat the monster and don’t lose any health, and can also use any special abilities (i.e. the barbarian gets to move ahead 1 space).  The other two characters in the game have special abilities as well  that you can use when you roll a shield. The druid restores all his health and the ranger can move up to 1 space and defeat a monster 5 spaces away in a straight line. If you ever lose all your health, before you can move again you have to regain healthy by rolling the die. A 1 gives you 1 health back, 2 gives you 2, etc., etc.

Other features

There are two different potions in waldurk forest. Life restores 2 health, and strength allows you to defeat an adjacent monster automatically. Potions can only be used once.

Gold in this game is collected to buy weapons, which each have different abilities which you can use when you roll a shield.

Towards the end of the game, you will run into two axed shaped doors. To get through one of these, you have to either be right next to one and roll a shield, or stop on a “magic space” (a blue circle piece) and move one door to a dark gray space.

The Good

Lego Heroica is a really great game, especially for kids. The way you battle monsters is unique. The lego dice are crazy- you could think it’s about to land on something good for you, and all of a sudden the dice will switch over to something that could cost you the game- which adds to the suspense. The abilities are a great addition to add some difference between the characters. The ability to change rules can get your creative juices flowing and excited to see how fun your own versions will be. Also, you can combine all the heroica games into one giant game, and have an hour of nonstop fun!

The Bad

This is a game for younger kids, so it is very easy to play. The gold and weapons are a good idea, but you hardly ever get to use them,  especially if you don’t combine the games. And one game itself is far too small, you have to combine them with another one otherwise the game is way too short. The good thing though is that you can change the rules, so maybe you could make weapons cost 2 gold each, or have your character have to buy their weapon (i.e. the weapon that has the same ability as the character) before they can use their special ability, or you can make this game into an RPG with experience points and everything.


Alone: 7/10 Combine with another heroica game: 8.5/10

The gameplay is great, the ability to change around everything is wonderful, but it is repetitive, easy, and best played with combined with other heroica games. Don't get this game if this is the only heroica game you are going to get. I suggest that you buy both Heroica Waldurk Forest and Castle Fortaan, as that is not too expensive and makes the game 3x as long and even more fun!