Lego Super Heroes

Lego’s latest addition to their superb Lego minifigure range is the Super Heroes from DC Comics. The comic giant and Lego have combined forces and new super hero figures are to be produced. Fans can look forward to any characters that have appeared in the DC comics. Obviously the most popular one will be manufactured and distributed first and if they achieve even half of the success of the Batman range of Lego toys they will be an enormous success.

The first dozen figures in the Lego DC Universe Super Heroes range will include Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, The Joker, Two-Face, Wonder Woman and many others besides.

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Lego Batman Batcave

Collectible Batman set with minifigures

LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave 6860
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(price as of Jul 15, 2013)

Lego Batman best superhero sets for kids

The success of these comic book figures is almost guaranteed such is the interest in DC comics and their super heroes. Comic collectors will simply have to collect these figures too, and Lego fans will undoubtably want these more realistically matching and distinctively recognizable figures for their toy collection. The beauty of minifigure collecting is that you can simply collect the figures as a hobby, like stamp collecting, without ever having to use the lockable bricks for toy construction.  

Lego’s rivals seem to be lagging behind in this area of the toy market with Mega Bloks concentrating on Thomas train toy sets, although they do have a selection of ‘Minimates’ available. Likewise, with Kre-o transformers who concentrate on the bigger toy, but they too have a small quantity of mini figures connected to their transformer range. 

The Bat Man Minifigure

Lego Minifigure Series

Lego Minifigures Series 1 to 10

Lego minifigure Catwoman from Batman Lego as Chess QueenThe first set was called Lego Minifigures Series 1 and it came to the market in 2008. The next set, Lego Minifigures Series 11 will be available in 2013. Each Lego Minifigures Series contains 16 unique minifigures. The lineup is different with each series and it is quite a task to keep abreast of all the latest issues. I think it is best if you just concentrate on getting your favorites for your collection.

Some minifigures also appear in the much more expensive boxed Lego sets which may not be available as separate minifigures. Because each individually packed figure is sold sight unseen in its packaging it may be necessary to buy more than 16 packets to secure a full set. Only 1 of the 16 individual minifigures will be purchased in each mystery packet. Make sure you have friends who are also collecting and this way you can trade duplicate figure rather than have to buy more.

Cost of Lego superhero range

Spiderman and Robin LEGO minifiguresThey retail at anything up to $5 per minifigure but new releases such as the Lego Super Heroes range will be much dearer. Older series’ will be cheaper and figures can be bought for $1 easily. Lego, as per their policy, will not supply specific minifigures, so the only other option is to buy the characters you need online.

As the cost is low for an individual minifigure it is possible to build your collection at a pace that suits you and your pocket. The only problem for many is having to wait until you can purchase your favorites and the new Lego Super Heroes will just add more pressure, so get saving now.

Lego loose Mini Figure

Individual miniature figures are classified as loose and can be bought separately rather than having to buy them as part of a bigger set. In the Series 4 minifigures each miniature toy had a gadget, tools, cape or other accessory, for example the detective has a magnifying glass and a cap whilst the zoo keeper comes with a chimp and a banana and no snowboarder would not be complete without their snowboard.

So, each single figure has its own unique attachments which can, of course, be mixed and matched with others from this series, which incidentally comprises 16 different characters. Likewise, with the characters from the previous series’ or proposed new series, each will have extra accoutrements.

Newest mini figures this year are a boxer (with boxing gloves), policeman, judge and orange haired cavewoman (with club, of course) and a Cleopatra like lady with an asp. My favorite is the black haired dwarf, with shield and axe at the ready. This dwarf minifigure will be one of my chess collection of Lego miniatures.

Lego minifigures used in a chess set. Nightwing pawns


Lego Minifigures Chess Set

LEGO Kingdoms Set #853373 Chess Set
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Lego minifigure chess set

There are official chess sets available such as Lego Vikings Chess Set (at just over $100) and the more expensive Lego Castle Set (retails at more than $500) but it is much more fun to create your own chess set using the Lego mini figures. I have selected Catwoman as the Black Queen and the eight black pawns of my choice are the character Nightwing, even though Nightwing might be considered a ‘good’ character in the DC comics.

Chess sets tend to have the goodies as white pieces and their enemies are the black side of the chess board. You can design your own mini chess sets to suit your taste as there are now hundreds of minifigures available. You don’t even need to be able to play chess games. Chess sets have 16 white and 16 black pieces so you will require 32 minifigures for your chess set. With prudent purchases (Lego Minifigures, Series 1 pieces can be had for just over $1 each) you could get a full Lego chess set for between $50 and $60. 

Making Lego chess sets with Mini Lego figures

The real fun, however, is in making the set. Imagine 8 Hermoine Grangers (from Harry Potter Lego set) for the white pawns or 8 mummies (from Lego series 3) and the black pawns could be lego scary minifigures. Would Captain Jack Sparrow or Spiderman make a good white king? And for a black king my choice would be the LEGO Star Wars Mini Figure Darth Vader. I have glued the moving arms and legs to make the chess pieces solid for use in a real game of chess. I have weighted the pieces too and have created a lead base for each piece. The other advantage of the lead base is that I can raise the height of some of the chess pieces by this method.

Superhero lego figures size for chess

These ingenious minifigures stand at 2 inches tall but a chess set typically will have some larger chessmen in the form of the Bishops, Kings and Queens. The Lego minifigures chosen for these roles will be taller by virtue if the extra elevation in the base. Pawns are usually the smallest pieces on the chess board. It is possible to make the chess playing board entirely from Lego too but I found that the pieces are too unstable to play real chess and the will not stand centrally on each chess square. For this reason I opted for the lead bases on the pieces and a regular wooden chess board for play. If you do make a chess set of Lego minifigures you will have a uniquely collectible item. 

Gift for your very own Super Man or Super Woman

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