Lego Monster Fighters is a great collection of Lego toys that focuses around the ghouls and scary creatures that many of us love. This collection is huge favorite with adults as well as children. This is what is making these sets sell like hotcakes.


The story line behind the Lego Monster Fighters toys is that Lord Vampyre is trying to spread evil though out the land. He is planning on doing this by uniting the 6 moonstones to allow the monsters to cross over into the world. The Monster Fighters are trying to stop him.


The many sets in this collection are pieces of the great battle described above. There are many wonderful details and little things that fans of Lego, Monsters, and even a Steampunk are going to love.


The full collection of Lego Monster Fighters sets is available on Amazon now for immediate delivery.

Lego Vampire Castle
Credit: Amazon

Lego Monster Fighters Vampire Castle

The Vampire Castle is probably the best piece of the entire collection. This very realistic gothic castle can play host to many battles with its many secret doors and hidden surprises. The attention to detail is great in this set.


This toy when assembled does have a net launching roadster which could be a set all on its own. You will also get 7 mini figures with which to battle for the moonstones.

Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House
Credit: Amazon

Lego Haunted House

This is truly a wonderful Haunted House to put on display with the rest of your Lego collection or to play some great adventures with. This can be a hauntingly good time for the young and old alike. The set comes with 6 Lego mini figures that include a couple of glow in the dark ghosts, a vampire and a zombie chef.


The fireplace on the first floor swings open and reveals a ship in a bottle. There is a lever on the chimney that brings down the staircase to allow creatures to go to the upstairs of this tilted house. There are many features that you will find as you build this set.

Lego Ghost Train
Credit: Amazon

Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train

This train hosts a battle of stopping ghosts and ghouls from getting yet another moonstone to Lord Vampyre. This great Lego toy has some moving parts that all fans will love. The train has doors that open and even bat wings that flap as the train goes rolling by.


This collection includes three mini ghosts and two fighters. There are many different pieces that glow in the dark which make this great for when the lights are out.


The Lego Monster Fighters is a great collection of building toys for fans of Legos or those just getting into them. The theme is great with a compelling story line that will hook anyone.


Once you have purchased one of the sets, you will definitely want to take a look at what else is available online for you to order. When shopping online for this Lego toy you will not have to worry about the shelves being empty and out of stock when you get there.


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