Have you walked down the toy aisle of your local store looking for Legos for girls only to see collection that are geared towards boys? You are not alone. For years, this toy company has created some of the best thinking and building toy sets, but have focused them on the boys of the world. Well this is finally changing. The toy giant has finally developed some collections of girls.

Lego Friends Toys

The Lego Friends collection has gotten a lot of write up in trade magazines and even in newspapers. The buzz is that this is the first successful attempt that this manufacturer has made to get little girls building with their collections.

The collection centers around a group of girlfriends and the city in which they live. There are many adventures that can be created with these building sets. The company realized that to be successful when making Legos for girls that they needed to make sure that there were many sets that can be built and used to create even larger play areas.

Legos Sets

Each set from the Lego Friends collection come with one to two of the dolls. These girls are the center of the stories about what takes place in Heartlake City. From their own houses to where they work after school, it has all been covered in these sets.

Lego Friends Olivia's Tree House

One of the sets that you can get is Olivia's Tree House. Many children dream of having a tree house in their back yard where they can go and play. This one is great with its many ladders and animals that are going to be hanging around. The set comes with one doll, Olivia. You will also receive her pet cat Maxie and a bunch of outdoor animals. The other great thing to remember about these toys is that these Legos for girls are fulling compatible with all other sets that are available from this manufacturer.

Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery

The smell of sweet treats baking is something that every little baker loves to smell. Your children probably love to get in the kitchen and help you to bake. Why not get her this great set that will have her using her imagination to build her own outdoor bakery. The set comes with Stephanie, cakes, plate, oven, table, a glass, and milk cartoon. This is an awesome addition to any little girls growing city for her new friends to play in.

Many Other Sets

The great thing about these new Legos for girls is that there are many different sets to pick and choose from. The company went all out to make sure that they had something to get any child's interest.

Other Collections that are now available:

Mia's Puppy House

Stephanie's Cool Convertible

Lego Friends City Park Cafe

Heartlake Dog Show

Emma's Design Studio

Butterfly Beauty Shop

Heartlake Vet

Emma's Splash Pool

Olivia's Inventor's Workshop

Stephanie's Pet Patrol

Olivia's House

Andrea's Stage

Help your little girl build her imagination and her problem solving skills with these great Legos for girls. It is time to help build the imagination of these children with one block at a time.