Leisure and recreational activities play a major role in the lives of older persons. How much the elderly can continue to participate in their favorite activities can have a tremendous impact on their overall well-being.the

Reading helpers, there are a variety of book holders on the market that can help someone with a weak grip, severe arthritis or tremors. The holders allow for reading while seated or lying down. There also are devices to help with page turning. They attach to the palm of the hand with a U-shaped clamp. Along with a wide range of magnifiers, large-print books are available. Also popular are books on tape; many times, current best-sellers are on tape and can be purchased.

TV adapters, people with hearing deficits can benefit from a telecaption adapter. This device connects to any television and converts programs that have been "closed-captioned" for the hearing impaired. Words appear as white letters on a black background. Newer televisions have this option available on the set.

Playing cards/games, low- vision playing cards are available for persons with eyesight problems. The cards come in a variety of styles with large numbers and markings. Other handy devices include card holders and card shufflers. The shufflers are tabletop devices that shuffle up to three decks of cards at a time. They come in either hand or battery-powered models. For those who enjoy chess, there are oversized chess sets. Some toy stores also have large-print board games.

Gardening help, look for garden knee pads and mats that protect and cushion the knees. Long -handled garden tools are also great to help you enjoy your garden hobby.

All these samples can help people continue to enjoy themselves, despite physical or sensory challenges.