The lemon detox drink recipe offers people a healthy way of losing weight, and at the same time, it detoxifies the body from the toxins that come from the unhealthy foods we eat everyday. This recipe has been widely known to people, as it has been proven to provide positive results. This is evident as some Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles, who make use of this, have achieved healthy yet sexy looking bodies in no time. Thus, it has become more popular and in demand, for many people want to lose a few pounds and achieve an ideal body weight. Other than that, it offers a lot of health benefits which are important for our body.

Everybody can make a lemon detox drink recipe. The recipe is easy to follow, for you only have to mix all ingredients together. The ingredients are also easy to find, for they are available at most stores. If they are not available, especially in areas where there is a limited stock, there are substitute ingredients they can be used in order to make a perfect and healthy juice. The main ingredient is 2 tablespoons juice from a freshly squeezed lemon, along with 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup. Next is a pinch of cayenne pepper, but if it not available a half teaspoon of ginger root powder can be used as a substitute. You just have to mix all the ingredients together in 250 ml of room temperature filtered water. You should drink 10 to 12 glasses every two hours. You will be sure to achieve a sexy looking body and a healthy one when used for about one week or 3 to 7 days.

The ingredients used have unique properties that work together to cleanse the body from harmful toxins and at the same time, they help the person lose weight. The main ingredient provides Vitamins C, which serves great importance in the proper functioning and well being of the body. It also imparts the important function of detoxifying the body, as it flushes toxins that are circulating in our bodies. Also, it helps improve digestion, which is beneficial so as to lessen the pressure or the work load of the digestive tract. It absorbs fat, which is important for one to lose weight. On the other hand, cayenne pepper boosts the metabolism. Lastly, maple syrup provides a good source of energy that is needed by our body.

There is a lot more that the lemon detox drink recipe can offer to people. It does not only provide a healthy way of detoxifying and achieving a great looking body, but there is a lot more it can offer. It provides us wit healthier and better looking skin. It makes the hair shinier, as it contains various nutrients that are important for its proper growth. It allows you to have strong nails. It improves the immune system so you’ll have better resistance against various illnesses. Lastly, it improves the circulation of blood within our body.