If you are looking to drop 5, 10 or possibly up to 20 pounds in the next two weeks then you should be getting excited right about now. There are a few things you need to understand about this diet to get the maximum effect. 

Lemon Water Diet

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. This is a short term diet – This type of diet has been called a “cleanse” by the media because you should only be doing it for up to two weeks. In that time you will be detoxing your body as well as losing a lot of weight.
  2. This is a difficult process – Going from a normal diet to a lemon water diet is a difficult transition, don’t be discouraged if you experience set backs and keep your goal in mind at all times. If you get knocked down, get up and try again.
  3. Don’t Risk Your Health – This diet is designed to be safe for most people for up to two weeks. However if you start to feel unwell you should be sure to check with a professional and not try to continue the cleanse for more than two weeks. You should also check with your doctor before beginning.

What is the Lemon Water Diet?

This is a way of eating designed to cleanse your body of toxins and leave you feeling better and slimmer on the other side. You will be eliminating unhealthy foods and focusing on only having natural sources of nutrition. You will be performing the cleanse by drinking a mixture of lemon juice in water along with pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper. These four elements all have powerful benefits as cleansing agents, weight loss boosters and health promoters. 

The Four Diet Ingredients Explained

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice has many health properties and has been helping make food more delicious for a long time. The lemon helps balance your body pH which helps with digestion and also protects your bone health by not requiring the body to leech calcium from them to buffer your pH making you stronger longer.  It is also high in Vitamin C, potassium and helps keep your skin healthy. In this diet lemon juice will help lower appetite, help cleanse your digestive system and provide vitamins and minerals.

Maple Syrup – Maple syrup is one of the best natural sweeteners available. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals including zinc and manganese as well as antioxidants. Not only that but test on maple syrup are revealing that it is a true super food with contains cancer and diabetes fighting compounds, some totally unique to maple syrup. In this diet maple syrup will provide some calories, act as a sweetener to make your drink more palatable and provide even more vitamins and minerals.

Cayenne Pepper – The wonder spice. Cayenne pepper has amazing weight loss properties, both by causing a boost in metabolism from the heat from capsaicin and its own metabolic boosting powers, but it also decreases appetite helping you stick to the diet more easily. Along with other spices cayenne pepper has health benefits such as promoting heart health, helping prevent cancer and preventing sickness. Cayenne pepper is used in the diet to boost your metabolism and reduce appetite.

Water – Water makes up the bulk of the cleansing formula, just like it makes up most of our body. We simply can’t live without it. Everything in our body runs on water. It has other benefits as well. The more you drink water the less hungry you feel and the less you will find yourself eating. Drinking extra water here will help cleanse your kidneys and digestive system as well as provide your skin with proper hydration keeping it looking great. Water is used in the diet to fill up your stomach and deliver the other ingredients. Plus just plain old keep you alive.

The Finished Drink

The Lemon Water Diet Drink

How to Do the Diet

First you will need to mix yourself a drink, so here is the recipe:

-          2 TBSP Fresh squeezed lemon juice (avoid pre bottled lemon juice)

-          2 TBSP of Pure maple syrup (make sure it is real and not fake maple flavoured syrup)

-          1/10 TSP Cayenne Pepper (Use more or less if you like but if you use less do your best to try and increase to 1/10 TSP when you can)

-          8-10 OZ Water (Warm water is recommended but you may use cold if you prefer, you might even burn a few extra calories)


Once you’ve finished mixing your drink start sipping. You don’t have to finish it quickly. Once you’ve finished you should be waiting at least 30 minutes before your next drink and you’re recommended to have 6-8 glasses per day, though you could easily increase this to 10 or 12. Try to avoid going over this number or you will not notice the weight loss benefits as much. If you start feeling a craving to eat, it is time to have another drink.

Remember that this is a tough challenge and the only thing keeping you on track and off the food is your will power. If you are just starting try to make it 7 days on the diet. 

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Diet Variations

If you find this is tough try eating a few small meals if you feel you need to. Meals with protein and fibre are best like fish and vegetables or a chicken veggie soup. If you want to try again, wait at least a week between lemon water diets.

You can try eating one light meal at a set time each day, say for breakfast or before bed.

Try following the diet for 1-4 days and then have a day of moderate, normal eating. After that, continue for another 1-4 days until you reach your desired number of days on the diet.

These tips may help you stick with it if you have having trouble.

After the Diet

Once you’re finished with the diet you may wish to acclimate yourself to normal eating for a few days. Avoid big meals and try having more liquids. Fruit juice in the mornings for a few days along with vegetable soup and crackers is recommended. After 3 days you should be good to go eating normally again. This is all up to you, but eating a big meal or pigging out on sweets is not recommended right after the cleanse. First you will probably feel sick and second you will probably put back on a lot of the weight you lost right away. Keep in mind once you start eating again you will probably gain a few pounds, but over all you should see a big drop on the scale if you follow the lemon water diet.

When you've finished the cleanse you should be looking for a permanent healthy diet to help keep off the weight you've lost and help you lose more.