When it comes to road warriors, their vehicles need to be in good condition. As such, regardless of what type of vehicle is used, the batteries are extremely important. People who have recreation vehicles especially need to make sure their RV batteries are always firing.

Motorcycle riders also have to pay special attention to their motorcycle batteries as well. No matter how good a motorbike performs, if the power source is weak or needs changing the vehicle will not start. Even if it starts the performance could be affected.

Technology has made it possible to extend the life of RV batteries and other types. The ways to do this are not difficult and generally incur minimal cost. The time invested in caring for and maintaining these necessary accessories will give you years of service.

Steps to Extend the Life of RV Batteries

The first step to extending their useful life is to follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines in the manual included with purchase. Some people may not be able to find the manual, but this information can be obtained online or from a mechanic or a friend. Secondly, it is important to know that there are two main types, the one used to start the vehicle and the one used to work the appliances inside.

With improvements in technology, some recreational vehicles even have a bank of RV batteries. In response to the green movement, some even come with solar panels that have their own battery bank.

Regardless of the number of them and what they do, they all need maintenance to keep working properly. You can help them last longer by doing the following:

* Clean all the terminals at the start of each season, or more frequently if you use the vehicle heavily. Use a solution of baking soda and water or buy a special commercial cleaner made for the purpose. A terminal brush or even a toothbrush can remove build-up, but sandpaper works with stubborn gunk.

* Check and clean the battery cables at least every 6 months, although heavily used vehicles should be checked more often.

* Check for damage to battery cables and other accessories

* Keeping them at the optimum charge is a necessary for of their maintenance. Never leave them charging above 14 volts for extended periods as this will destroy them or shorten their lifespan. Overcharging will result in battery fluids boiling and becoming lost.

Undercharging should also be avoided, as when done repeatedly it results in sulfation which will destroy even the best types. The chemical reactions resulting from sulfation results in acid batteries not being able to take, keep or give a charge.

* Have a trained mechanic do a tune-up at special intervals based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and or your usage of the vehicle.

* Some newer types may not need this, but if you have the types that use fluids in the cells, check this every month and refill if necessary. Do not fill above the level indicated on the cell and definitely only use water recommended for the cells such as distilled water.

* When winterizing any type of vehicles, follow the recommended practices for storing them so that they will be ready for use when you are. They must be kept in certain conditions so that they will be usable when taken out of storage. Although bikes are not generally winterized for as long as some vehicle, taking care of motorcycle batteries during storage is also necessary.

Deep cycle RV batteries are built to last for a long period, but this time can be extended if they are cared for. Knowing and understanding how they work will not only help you get better value it will definitely save money.

Whether or not you are a road warrior, make sure to take care of them and you will get the most out of them. The same advice should be followed for motorcycle batteries as well.